28 April 2016

I'm Feeling 21!

Girl with 21 Balloons
Girl with 21 Balloons
Girl with 21 Balloons
Girl with 21 Balloons
Girl with 21 Balloons
Girl with 21 Balloons

Hello Everybody! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! I can't believe I'm 21 it feels a bit crazy really, I freaked out when I turned 20 and I think because maybe my life was a mess? I didn't know what I wanted to do in life and I didn't have the best relationships around me. A whole year on and my life couldn't get any better I'm off to uni in a few weeks, have amazing new friendships and a relationship and life is just good! I thought I would compile 21 things I have learned in the last year to celebrate all of this so here it goes;

1. Work hard for what you want
2. Let go of things that drag you down
3. Go out and meet new people
4. Drink a lot - It's good for you!
5. If you want to cry....cry!
6. Take every opportunity you can
7. Don't say no
8. Say Yes!
9. Don't let someone tell you what you need to do
10. Applying for university is scary!
11. Taking tests is 10x more scary!
12. I'm better at math than I thought
13. If I actually sit down and revise I will succeed
14. Don't sit around and wait for opportunities to come to me
15. How to up my DA! WOOO HELLLLOOO 25!!
16. Always use protection
17. Contraceptive needles don't hurt as bad as I thought they would
18. How to use my DSLR
19. Chicken fried rice and curry is very good comfort food
20. Meeting someone is pretty easy when you don't look for it
21. In laws are never as bad as they seem in films!

Who else has the same birthday as me?!


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  1. Happy Birthday! X



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