22 April 2016

Festival Expectations Vs Reality

Glastonbury Festival expectations vs reality

Hello Everybody! Most of us have been there, we get online hours in advance with our phone, laptop, iPad, computer the lot to try and get tickets to the festival of your choice. You wait months before you go and get so excited as the line up is slowly released, you pack what you will wear every day (fancy dress in there at least once) and organize with friends who will be seeing who at what time and where. Let me tell you know your expectations of your first festival are VERY different to the reality.....

1. You pack an outfit for every day, hair brush, two coats but no towels.
Let me tell you your that eager to get out your tent every day you will throw on anything close by even if they are the same leggings as yesterday, you won't touch your hair after day 3 and will probably have to buy those towels you didn't bring for when it rains.

2. Sun + Cute Floral crowns = Cute photos
No. Just no. Festivals are renowned for rain, you will be knee deep in mud at least once (Unless your lucky and it is sunny every day like that time I went to Glastonbury) your flower crown will fall off once you have had a few drinks or a guy will pick it off your head and put it on himself.

3. Your tent will definitely be big enough for two
HUGE tip if you have never been to a festival NEVER get a tent that says it is okay for two people. When it rains it will flood, you can't stand up to get dressed and there will be no room for ANY of your bags. Always get a bigger tent!

4. I'm going to see everyone I want to see
You will never get the chance to see everyone, when I went to Isle of White two acts I wanted to see where on at the same time, good luck choosing which one!

5. Going in fancy dress thinking a onesie is the way to go
Okay walking around Glastonbury dressed as a strawberry was fun but HOT! I wanted to strip off and walk around in my bra but you know parents and all that

6. I can just nip the toilet in the middle of seeing acts quickly
Nope. Never going to happen. The que is as long as the next act you will be going to see. Once in there it is full of poo and wee and toilet roll so just get in, assume position, pee and run! 

7. But seriously you will have fun
All jokes aside, yes it may piss down and you will get drenched, your makeup will slide off and you will regret walking around that boiling hot festival in a onesie for fancy dress but a festival is amazing. Drink, dance and just have fun! Festivals are meant to be messy but seriously good luck at the toilets!


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