03 March 2016

The Diamond Room W/ Gemporia

Gemporia Diamond Ring on plate
Hello Everybody! You may have seen my last post with Gemporia (if not you can find it here!) a company I have come to love for their beautiful, well made and affordable jewellery so when they told me about the launch of The Diamond Room I was intrigued. Their brand new personal shopping experience which launches on March 4th gives customers some of the finest Diamonds with savings of up to 57.5% off of the high street!

Gemporia Diamond Ring on plate
Gemporia offer customers the chance to request a one on one 7 days a week 1pm – 1am (UK Time) to demonstrate any feature of any products with Diamond experts on hand so it is perfect if you don’t have the time to shop in store and want to keep it a secret from a certain person. From Diamond ring stackers, necklaces and engagement rings you will be spoilt for choice! The Diamond Room also give you the chance to learn about every part of the product from the cut, clarity, colour and grading of the diamonds. If you’re looking for an engagement ring for that certain someone the Diamond experts will take you through their collection to help you pick the perfect ring whilst still educating you on your choices at the same time. Gemporia have never disappointed me with their customer service, easy use of the website and fast delivery so with the launch of The Diamond Room I am sure Gemporia won’t disappoint. I know from experience shopping in a jeweller for diamonds can be a daunting experience with sales assistant’s pushing quotes, information, payment plans etc down your throat the ease of doing this at home is such a bonus!

Gemporia Diamond Ring on finger

So how does it work? The online Diamond Room is mirrored as a retail store and if the customer has a question they ask in real time. The Diamond Expert will then select a piece from one of the cabinets. If the customer wants to compare Diamonds the Diamond expert can compare on the live feed for you whilst you type your questions for them. I personally would prefer this style of shopping especially for Diamonds, I would feel less pressure to buy something there and then and you can do it at a time convenient for you.

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