16 March 2016

It's Okay To Feel Alone....

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Hello Everybody! Last week on Twitter I posted a poll asking people 'Do you feel sad/alone/isolated etc when your by yourself or not with friends/family?' and the response was a lot different to what I expected. I asked because at the time I was feeling terribly alone, major FOMO (Fear of missing out) and in general a bit crap all because I wasn't out with friends. I felt like I was a bit weird feeling like this as I do regularly so this post is for those of you who feel alone. 

It's okay! We all feel like it sometimes, even if it is for no reason your feelings are perfectly normal I can guarantee you. My options for the poll was Every Day, Occasionally and Never and out of 56 votes 64% of you felt occasionally like this and 20% felt like this every day! It was only 14% of you who said you never felt like this. If you do feel like this go out and explore the world, try something new, meet new people, step out of your comfort zones, read a new book, go shopping. There are lots of ways to occupy time, were only here once make the most of it. I know when I feel like this I speak to friends about general things, have a catch up or go out and see them. I'm lucky really because when it gets bad and I feel really low I know I can always go see Charlotte and usually we go out for drinks with her friends. I am such a sociable person so going out always helps me, I'd rather sit in a pub drinking with everyone than lay in bed staring at four walls. 

I guess what I am trying to say is sometimes it's okay to feel alone, as humans we have all these crazy emotions and sometimes we don't know how to control them and that's cool to. It's about finding the right people or activities, hobbies, places we like to see when we feel like this. I'm an open book and I like to think if anyone ever felt like this they could speak to me, so any time any of you need a good old chat my inbox is always open! I like to help people and I know this feeling well.


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