10 March 2016

DaisyMae Jewellery

Daisy Mae Jewellery in a tea cup
Hello Everybody! So I have an obsession with Jewellery if you can't tell with some of my past posts. I love anything from earrings, statement necklaces, anklets, rings, small chain necklaces seriously if it makes an outfit you can guarantee I will have it. Daisy Mae Jewellery recently sent me a couple of pieces and I was more than happy when they came in the post! Browsing their online store I fell in love with almost everything I seen, at such low prices to I couldn't complain! I decided to go for the Blue Feather Necklace (£4.50)  Sun Bracelet (£3.50) & Saturn Bracelet (£3.50) Obviously for such low price tags none of these are real Silver only Silver Plated so the colour can change if used in water, perfume etc but for day to day use these really are perfect. They don't turn your skin green either so don't be worrying about that! 

Daisy Mae Jewellery in a tea cup
Daisy Mae Jewellery in a tea cup

Every item from Daisy Mae is handmade which gives it such a personal and independent business feel to it which I love! I love buying from independent businesses as you're supporting someone real not just a big boss in a chair earning ££££ a year! Each item is made so well and I have had no problems with them and have wore these daily. From easy use of the website to fast delivery Daisy Mae haven't let me down, I will honestly be buying from these in future for small gifts for myself and friends! 

Have you got anything from Daisy Mae in the past? 


These items were sent to me for review, all opinions and views are my own.

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