08 March 2016

Bach's Rescue Remedy Comfort Spray

Bach's Rescue Remedy Comfort Spray Math books calculator
I have been sat on posting this post for a while. I used this spray late last year, I went through a really tough few months and believe it or not it wasn't when I went through my breakup. It was later on around Christmas time when I started feeling quite helpless when it came to my mental state. I'm not one to get anxious easily infact I couldn't tell you what being anxious felt like up until late last year, I started walking into town feeling like everyone was watching me, like the world knew what was going on in my head and everyone was pointing out all my flaws, my god awful shoes, my big belly, my awful hair. Walking around with headphones in just so I didn't overhear the laughs behind me or any snide remarks people would make (which people never did make) I can't quite explain why I started feeling like this. 

It was around the same time as starting to revise for my Math GCSE as I want to go to university in 2017. This makes me very anxious and stressed and I avoid talking about it at all costs, just revising makes me feel stressed so I avoid it. After about a month or two of feeling like this I told my mum, I didn't want to feel anxious anymore, I was walking into coffee shops adamant my ex would be sat there which constantly put me on edge or I'd go into a fully fledged panic attack. My mum told me to try the Bach's Rescue Remedy Comfort Spray. I felt pretty stupid buying it especially with a £10 price tag, I'm stood in Boots buying a spray that will help me feel less anxious? HA! I felt stupid! Did I look back on buying this? HELL NO! This spray helps a damn lot, it got me through the end of last year a lot, it actually got me through my first date of the year I was that nervous I sat on the train using this little spray hoping I wouldn't fuck the date up, I mean I never just saying but in all seriousness this small bottle helped me more than I could think and if you do suffer with the anxiety or purely just an anxious feeling doing certain things in life, if your a little nervous or sad this spray can help! 

I'm not here to preach to you not to feel sad, anxious, nervous etc but if something can help try it. I still use this occasionally when I feel sad for no reason or anxious walking into a coffee shop and I don't feel stupid anymore. Feelings are feelings and I say fuck your feelings, show them who is boss!


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  1. When I was little I used it a lot!! Sometimes I still use it when I need it. Thanks for sharing this, it's a beautiul post! I wish you a lovely day and happy international women's day as well!



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