13 March 2016

Almost Famous Cocktail Class & Burgers

Almost Famous VIP Bar Cocktails Breakfast In Tenessee
Almost Famous VIP Bar CocktailsAlmost Famous VIP Bar Cocktails

Hello Everybody! If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen I went to Almost Famous the other night thanks to Liv_Bloggers for a cocktail class and food. I didn't quite know what to expect I have never made a cocktail but happily drink around 5/6 on night out and I love food a lot so the mix sounded perfect! I arrived at 6pm and got shown to the VIP Private Bar where the other girls where. On entry we all got a welcome cocktail and shot and straight away got into making the cocktails I went for Gin and Tequila based cocktails, I was surprised by how difficult it was, the lights behind the bar made it difficult to see but it was a lot of fun and I was really proud of my cocktail! I made Breakfast In Tennessee a drink I probably wouldn't go for again but was a lot of fun making!

Almost Famous VIP Bar Girl making cocktails
Almost Famous VIP Bar Girl holding cocktail
Almost Famous VIP glow sticks
Almost Famous VIP Bar girl and bartender making cocktails
Almost Famous VIP Bar Cocktails
Almost Famous VIP Bar girl making cocktails
Almost Famous VIP Bar girl making Cocktails

The Bar was filled with various drinks, jam jars, glow sticks and fruit! It was small but perfect if you want a different kind of night with your friends. Tim was our bartender for the night and he couldn't have done a better job, he was lots of fun and really got us all involved and knew his stuff I don't think I have ever met such a lovely bartender! He loved his job and you could really tell! We got given menus whilst we were in the bar to prep before we went downstairs for our food. The package we received had a selection of their winning fries, bacon and cheese fries and a choices of 4 burgers Famous Burger, Triple Nom, River Phoenix or Brittany Murphy (V) I chose the Triple Nom and my god I'm not sorry! 

Almost Famous menu
Almost Famous VIP Bar Cocktails
Almost Famous VIP Bar Shots
Almost Famous Food chicken wings
Almost Famous Food cheese and bacon fries
Almost Famous Food Triple Nom Burger

My burger was the nicest burger I have had in a long time! Two large burgers, melted cheese, BBQ pulled pork it was heavenly (You do get Coleslaw on this burger if you like but I decided against this) We also got 2 lots of wings with various dipping sauces to share for the table which were the best wings ever! The food is on the pricy side but completely worth it, the quality is incredible and tasty! I had such a good night and got pretty tipsy as Tim loved giving us all shots so ended up on a train tipsy off to drink some more in the student bar! 

There are a choice of 3 packages to choose from in Almost Famous 

Package #1 @ £25 - Includes arrival drink from our menu and a choice of 2 Classic Cocktails 
Package #2 @ £35 - Includes arrival drink from our menu and a choice of 3 Classic Cocktails 
Package #3 @ £35 - Includes food, arrival drink from our menu and 2 Classic Cocktails 

Thank you to Liv_Bloggers for the lovely invite and Almost Famous for such a great night, I honestly can't recommend this place enough if you're in Liverpool but just incase your not in Liverpool they also have restaurants in Manchester and Leeds!


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