04 February 2016

World Cancer Day - My Story

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Just a quick edit before I publish this I'm actually lying in bed. I woke up to find its World Cancer day. I avoid cancer talk at all costs but I've had this post sat in my drafts for a while! I've already posted today but this post has been too close to my heart not to post on a day like this.

Hello Everybody! Today's post is in light of Cancer. Having personally seen the effect Cancer can have on not just the person but the whole family I wanted to share my experience to make anyone being hit with cancer feel a little more positive. 

Back in 2012 I think it was I was in college, we always went to BaaBaa next door to eat on breaks or go for celebratory drinks after any shows we had done that term. This one day I was just sat with friends when I got a text off my mum saying my auntie was going to be picking me up to bring me home, I was really confused I actually said no and I wanted to stay out with friends but she insisted and told me where she would pick me up and when so I went. I remember not asking why my auntie had picked me up but I kind of had a feeling it was serious, I instantly thought something had happened to my nan and grandan so was relieved when I seen them both sat on my couch at home when I walked in. The whole family where there not one person missing and I got sat on the couch.

I had told my mum for months to go the doctors, when she was getting out the bath one day I noticed a small Purple mole on her back, I didn't think too much of it but insisted she got it checked just to be safe. She never and a few months later I seen it again this time a mix of Black and Purple and it had grew in size, this time I told her to go I didn't want an excuse and she had to get it checked. Fast Forward to me sitting on the couch with the whole family in our living room my nan said something along the lines of "You were right telling your mum to go the doctors" I instantly knew when I looked at my mum and she started to cry. My first reaction was bursting into tears, my first thought was that I was going to loose my mum, I was angry and upset that this had happened to our family, why us? She had Skin Cancer - Melanoma. It's safe to say I can't tell you much from there, I think I have chosen to forget a lot of it the small parts I do remember are a complete blur but the day I will never forget is the day she went for her operation to get the mole removed. I was in college I sat waiting for my phone to ring to say she was out. I don't even remember her getting home, I don't remember her recovery. Nothing. 

3 Years on she still goes for regular checks at the hospital and any irregular moles are instantly checked. 3 Years on I still can't talk about it without bursting into tears. It's a conversation I avoid at all costs, any adverts make me tear up. Cancer doesn't leave when the person beats it, it will always be on your mind but I will never be more grateful to the doctors that removed that mole for my mum, the doctor that referred her to the hospital, that the one day I walked past the bathroom when she was getting out the bath and I seen it. I sometimes feel like it never happened, when I say I can't remember the months this happened I genuinely don't. I remember seeing a counsellor once in college to help me get my mind around it, I remember missing a few days here and there but that's it. 

My story with cancer doesn't seem long when I read it, in comparison to others it's small but I think because I don't remember a lot I can't document a lot in this post. I have never been more scared in my whole life than when this happened but we got through it and I am grateful for our amazing health care system here in the UK and the doctors that operate on cancer patients daily saving lives. I am grateful that I got to keep my mum. I am grateful that I can tell this story in hope I can make one of you go the doctors, if you have something you're concerned about just go. Irregular bumps, moles, skin absolutely anything please go and see your doctor because it may just save your life.


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  1. I have you to thank for making me go. There's much much more to that story that you can't remember like my lymph nodes being removed & a 6cm square chunk of skin removed from back. I was in that much pain after the op you actually bathed me because I couldn't move my arms. I'm ok now & funnily enough off for my regular 3 month check today. Thank you for being my rock & I wish you'd talked to me because I knew I'd be ok as I always am. Love you loads xxxx mum xxxx


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