04 February 2016

My first kiss

man and woman kissing

Hello everybody! My first kiss went a little like this.......(please say you know what song this is from!?) Seen as my Online Dating Series went so well (Part 1 & Part 2 here!) I thought I'd throw another post at you all but something a little different. I thought I'd tell you about my first kiss. No my first kiss wasn't like in the movies, I didn't lift one leg or see fireworks or rainbows. My heart didn't flutter and we didn't lovingly gaze into each others eyes after and say "wow" it was in fact the complete opposite.

When I was around 15-16 maybe, I had my first boyfriend. Yes like my first proper boyfriend who I went to town with shopping for Christmas presents and held hands with. He was 6ft something and one or two years ahead of me in school but he was my first boyfriend. As a typical high school relationship goes it lasted around three months and that was that but it was him who I will have shared my first kiss with. I won't reveal his name but he was a lovely guy who my mum loved! He came to my house one occasion and we sat watching films all day, sounds boring I know but I felt very grown up for this to be happening at the time. We went to town Christmas shopping together were he gave me his gloves because I was cold it was all very romantic. Ha! 

My first kiss lasted over half an hour. Yes you heard that right half an hour. Not only did it last long but I might as well have been in a washing machine, you know those men who have no idea what to do with there tongue they just move it and hope for the best, well that doesn't quite work when your kissing someone, not being able to come up for breath at any chance is not an experience I want to relive. Not once did his hands move or his body, like a statue, completely still so cross that with a washing machine and he's your man! I remember any time I tried to come up for breath he would lift my head back up (in the most gentle way you could imagine by the way) and go in for the kill again. This guy didn't want to stop. I think it may have been his first kiss too, he definitely was new to this and didn't know when to finish. 

I don't think a lot of people's first kisses are great, I've heard various stories and none seem to be typical romantic Disney film types. From then on I avoided a kiss at all costs so there's no wonder he got dumped three months later. On a serious note he was a lovely guy and I have no idea what he does these days, I hope he doesn't read this! Ha! But I hope he's well and successful with what ever he does. 

What was your first kiss like?


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  1. Thinking about my first kiss makes me cringe! Looking back at how young and "in love" I felt only to realise that I haven't spoken to that same person in years! Haha!
    Cloe X www.clxelouise.blogspot.com


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