08 February 2016

My experience of Tinder

Hello everybody! So I'm pretty sure this post has probably been done 826291037 times before. But hey so what? Everyone's experiences are all different and I think these posts are really interesting (and funny) to read!  I joined Tinder about half a year ago, not for the one night stands just for dating but I soon found out Tinder was seriously only for one night stands. There was many reasons I'd swipe left (if you don't know this means you don't want to speak to that person) 

- A topless photo 
- A photo of you in your expensive car
- No photo at all
- Your naked
- Your on a mountain on every single picture in a different continent with only your nose showing
- Every single photo is you on a night out
- Or every single photo is with a different girl
- You have children
- You are posing in a way that shows your none existent muscles 

The list honestly goes on but if I did swipe right that's where the fun began. The people I got speaking to were absolutely awful at holding a conversation. After about two words I had nothing to say. What do you say to "yeah" !? The people who did hold a conversation wanted to talk about three things; sex, there dick or there 'amazing' night out with all these girls they apparently managed to pull. Now I'm not saying I'm prude, I'm not ignorant to any of these things but I don't want your reply to "How Are You?" To be a picture of your dick with the words "hard" underneath. 

It's safe to say Tinder got deleted about 5 days in. It completely works for some people but I'm afraid one night stands just aren't my thing, I'm afraid I want to actually speak to you and date you before I jump into bed with you. 

How did your Tinder experience go?


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  1. I don't know whether it's different because im a lesbian but I found my gf on Tindr and we've been together for almost a year and a half. I only came across 1 person who wanted a one night stand... I found POF (plenty of fish) the worst for people wanting to just hook up.


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