14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Red hearts with string

Hello Everybody! I had every intention of writing a Single Valentine's Day post up until about a week ago. I was dreading today to be quite honest I mean couples everywhere, kissing, holding hands, bunches of flowers and Victoria's Secret, Michael Kors, Pandora bags everywhere #luckygirl on every Instagram post I just didn't want to see it! I was planning on going full blown Bridget Jones and after my shift in work coming home and crawling into bed for my first Valentine's in 3 years single but I was wrong!

I'm not quite as sour this year and can enjoy it (Kind of I'm still in work!) I am completely aware Valentine's is a huge money making scheme. An excuse for companies to throw us teddies, chocolate, limited edition merchandise for a pretty penny but it works! We all like the day if we are loved up and let's face it who doesn't love getting a present? So a quick note from me whatever you're doing today, single or in a relationship. Cinema date or Bridget Jones at home have a lovely day! #luckygirl as much as you like or eat your ice cream and watch a good film! Have a lovely Valentine's Day and let me know what you're doing tonight!


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