28 January 2016

Why I'd Like To Be A Man...

man in a field

Hello Everybody! It goes without saying sometimes being a girl sucks. It does and as much as we all love to be Beyonce and say "Who Run's The World? GIRLS!!" No. Sometimes I don't run the world and that's because I'm a girl. Men have it SO much easier and no I'm not writing this whilst being a lady, eating chocolate and a tub of ice cream it's just something I have always thought and finally wanted to share....so here is why I would like to be a man!

1. NO PERIODS! Do I need to say anymore?

2. I like women, if you know me well you probably knew this so for me being a man would be great! There would never be any awkward conversations or having to out myself to new people!

3. I don't have to shave. Shaving is a bitch. Arm pits, legs, down under. It's just a bit OTT sometimes men only have to shave their facial hair and that's if they really want too. (I know shaving isn't something us ladies have to do but I prefer to shave)

4. Picking an outfit for a night out or event is simple. Men have three selections; Suit, Pants, Tops. Women have a list as long as my arm! Men can be ready in 10 minutes whereas us girls we prep our outfits a week before the big day!

5. I can be topless. Yes you read that right topless. Sometimes wearing a bra isn't nice, you have your wires poking you, straps falling down. God forbid a pin comes undone in the back.....yes this has happened to me! 

6. I would be bald. I wouldn't have the Harry Styles fro, I wouldn't even have hair. Just shave it all. Tangled hair after a long day is not fun!

7. Childbirth isn't an option. As much as I can't wait for the day to have children I won't lie the thought terrifies me! HOW our bodies do what they do amazes me....how does something the size of a melon come out something the size of a lemon! Tell me men, tell me, because you have it a lot easier! 

There we have it. 7 top notch reasons why being a man would be a great option. 


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