03 January 2016

The Lovely Staff Of LUSH

Hello Everybody! I was in work recently when a member of the LUSH staff came in to ask for change, I can only imagine how busy they were for Boxing day sales so we were obviously lovely and provided them with some! Next thing I know one of the lovely staff walked in with a 12 Days Of Christmas box which I thought "Bloody hell she must be carrying around some amount of money in that!" No she had brought us a box of goodies to say thankyou for giving them change! I was in shock, how kind of LUSH! They made my Christmas as I missed the sales due to being in work and couldn't get on the website because it crashed! I know they give random acts of kindness out to people sometimes so I am sure this was one of them and I just found it SO lovely, LUSH have got to be one of the nicest companies I know of! 

There were three more bits in this box but one of the girls in work took some (as of course it was for all of us but noone else wanted any YAY more for me!) and I used one last night that I couldn't find online! They kindly packed in Life's A Beach, T For Toes, Pop In The Bath bubble bar, Happy Hippy Shower Gel, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, and unfortunately the Go Green Solid Perfume and Black soap I can't find online! Boooo! I can't quite believe how much they packed in this box they lifted my spirits that day in work which was definitely needed! Thanks LUSH Liverpool you're amazing, you made my Christmas! Full review of some of these products to come soon, I just wanted to share how lovely the staff really are in LUSH! 

Did you get anything in the LUSH sales?



  1. That was so lovely of them. I bet you were happy, I know j would have been haha. I don't know how you managed to give some away though X


  2. That's great! So lucky, enjoy!
    Demi xxx



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