25 January 2016

The Cheeky Trio

W7 Makeup Cheeky Trio In the nude purple haze 10 out of 10 eyeshadow palettes

W7 Makeup The Cheeky Trio Face Palette

Hello Everybody! I was lucky enough over Christmas to enter W7's 12 Days of Christmas competition on Instagram and when I got a message saying I had won I was so happy! I have a couple of palettes from W7 and really like them all, they are my go to palettes for day to day if I am going to work. The cost is low but quality is great and you can't fault them for there price. The palette I received was The Cheeky Trio. I absolutely love the name, anything with the word cheeky in usually sells me. Yes I am that nob head who says "Lets get a cheeky nando's" But it's always a bit of a joke!

W7 Makeup The Cheeky Trio Face Palette

Anyway the palette comes in quite a big metal sturdy case, I do think they could probably minimise the amount of packaging they use for it but for a clutz like me it's perfect I have already dropped this onto my wooden floor in my bedroom and it didn't make a dent. The palette comes in three different shades; Blush, Highlighter and Bronzer. All three have a wave effect which made me not want to use it, I love the look of these powders. I can't say the highlighter is very pigmented and it does take a few swipes with my brush to really pick a lot of it up but it does give a natural glow to my cheeks which I like. The blush is a bit more pigmented but still needed a few swipes but again gave a super natural pink tone to my cheeks making me look just a bit more healthy which is perfect for work when I don't want to put on lots of makeup. Lastly the bronzer out of all three has to be my favorite it is really pigmented and you don't need to apply a lot of this to give a bronzed look, using this to contour it really does thin my face just a little bit and I would go as far to say this is my favorite bronzer in my stash at the minute!

For £9.99 I don't think I would personally buy this myself as I only love one shade but £9.99 for a bronzer, highlighter and blush is brilliant. You can buy The Cheeky Trio here! Have you ever tried W7 Makeup?


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  1. I adore W7 - amazing products at low cost! I own two palettes (eyeshadow), although, being the eyeshadow addict I am, I may or may not have my eye on a few more. I'm always seeing this cheek trio in a local store and it catches my eye every damn time. I think it's fate! xx

    Jasmine || http://www.blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk


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