20 January 2016

Salon Hair At Home

Dominican Hair Care Doctor Cabello Biotina clips clamp comb ellie goulding glamour
Hello Everybody! I’m writing this from Cafe Nero believe it or not, the joys of being an hour early for work! Anyway, Dominican Hair Care recently got in touch and were kind enough to send me there Doctor Cabello Biotina Range! Seen as I suffer from over dyed and dry hair I thought this would be perfect. The Biotina range consists of Shampoo (£15.50), Conditioner (£15.50), Hair Mask (£20.50) and Leave in Conditioner (£13.70) - I realise this all looks pricy and coming in at over £60 can be steep but let me tell you, it's worth it. 

Dominican Hair Care Doctor Cabello Biotina clips clamp comb
Dominican Hair Care Doctor Cabello Biotina clips clamp comb

You're supposed to use this set in stages although you can use them individually and mix and match how you like. This range is different because you Shampoo and then use the hair mask, condition and use the leave in Conditioner once out the bath. Out of all four products my absolute favourite has to be the Hair Mask, it says to leave on hair for 15 minutes but because mine is so thick I left it for 20-25 minutes and my hair has never felt as luxurious and soft even my mum commented it looked softer and healthier. The whole range is jam packed with Vitamin E and B5 so helps keep your hair hydrated and full of life. The scent of the whole range is very clean, think the typical smell of your hair when you leave the hairdressers!

I used the range without the hair mask to test the other products alone and found that they done a great job my hair still felt soft and it doesn't tangle as much even in the horrid windy weather we have in Liverpool at the minute! Out of all the range if you want to try one thing I'd recommend the hair mask, the other products are amazing on their own but nothing has ever made my hair feel as amazing as the mask. 

You can buy the Biotina range here! Have you ever used Dominican Hair Care?


These products where sent for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Not heard of this brand before but they sound pretty good. Very nice blog! Xox


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