27 January 2016

Pre Date Jitters?

Hello Everybody! I'm writing this before a date. Okay it's precisely 5 hours before I meet her but for the last 24 I haven't been able to eat. I lost 4ibs last week! Get on the dating diet guys ;) Anyone who has been on a date before will know the feeling, especially when you get on so well over text. If you read my last dating series you will know I was on an app called HER. I didn't go on it, people liked me on it but nothing compelled me to message them, I wasn't interested in dating and was actually really really happy being single but when a certain person liked me something told me to message her. Get to know her and meet her and that I have done and will be doing tonight. (or last week, I'm posting this a little late oops!)

It kind of hit me I was meeting her for the first time last night after the gym with JIV. JIV knows exactly how I'm feeling which helps, she is going to pep talk me on the train and help me actually get off it I think. I got a text the other night saying "I don't want to be another frog you kiss and end up on your blog" clearly my dating series made an impression! OOPS! All I have managed to eat over the last 24 hours is 3 mini sausage rolls and a bowl of noodles but that should do right? I mean we're going for drinks as long as I'm not wasted after one that's okay! I'm writing this before the date and it could go two ways amazing or not amazing so I guess I will be filling you in soon (I HOPE!) I can't say I have been this nervous to meet someone....ever! It's also public knowledge on Twitter because JIV decided to tweet out about it. Thanks mate ;)

Anyway I'm rambling and I'm not sure when I will even post this but any tips on how to stop pre date jitters let me know, I hate feeling nervous I hate the feeling of butterflies when I'm nervous. I wish I didn't! Little update nearly a week later too, I won't be posting a dating serious, and I'm not entirely sure why I'm posting this, I see my blog as a diary for me but I want to keep these dates private of course you will all see me saying "I'm going to vom with nerves" on twitter a lot still but that's all. But seriously, please say someone else gets pre date jitters as bad as me?!


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