07 January 2016

My Online Dating Experience | Part 2

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Hello Everybody! So yesterday I wrote about my online dating experience Part 1 so go read that before you read this!

So as I was saying, he sent THAT TEXT! "I Love You" Dear god I ran for the heavens. I had came out of a relationship two months ago and wasn't even 100% sure I was into men this was too much. Two dates, Four weeks and he says that. I politely told him all of the above and that I wasn't ready for something like that and that was the end of that. After that and speaking to a lot of other guys I realised what I had been trying to figure out for the last year was I bisexual? The short answer? No. I'm not, I don't like men I think the closest I will ever get to being attracted to a man is Jack Howard. Let's hope he never comes across my blog! For years I have wondered since college do I like men? When I became single I got given the chance to try new things and figure out who I was. I spoke to a lot of lovely people and had a fun time but my experience with online dating just didn't work for me. At least for now, I downloaded an app called 'Her' specifically for women who are Lesbian/Bisexual but have barely been on it. I think after a long relationship and some awkward dating scenarios I'm just enjoying being single. Online dating is a lot of fun no denying that and is a great way to meet new people but for me it didn't quite work out the way I wanted it too. 

Instead I learned who I was, I may have had to kiss a few frogs along the way but I know now and I feel content with that. I'd never tell anyone to not online date I am completely up for trying new things but for now relationships and dating are taking a back seat whilst I enjoy being younger!

Have you ever tried online dating? Let me know your experiences in the comments!



  1. Oh my life what a nightmare!!i would need a strong drink or ten to deal with him :') Enjoy to single life gal!
    Love Lucinda xx

  2. Really interesting posts and god what a nightmare that guy was haha! I have a boyfriend but I love going on my friends tinder and picking out boys for her! I'm so glad it helped you find who you are, enjoy being young, it'll happen when it happens!😘💕


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