06 January 2016

My Online Dating Experience | Part 1

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Hello Everybody! In 2015 I came out of a relationship and decided to hit online dating, I knew a few people who had met people through it and had a lot of fun so I thought why not! I joined the most popular POF (Plenty Of Fish) and of course Tinder....but let's face it Tinder should be called 'One Night Stand' from the stories I hear! I filled out the usual Age, Gender, Hobbies, Orientation, Job etc and started swiping. This is when I found out I was picky. 

Online dating is a lot different than meeting someone in person. I have had one serious relationship and I kind of knew from the minute I seen them I liked them so how do I know this online? What do we talk about? Do I start the conversation or do they? It's completely different but I somehow managed to get speaking to a few guys! (Yes guys, we will go onto this later) The first guy I went on a date with was lovely, we were speaking for about two weeks and decided to go for some drinks. He was handsome, tall and funny he may have been on the shy side but hey this was new to me too we all start somewhere! The date went great, noone actually knew I went apart from my friend and dad (TOP TIP: Always tell someone especially family where you're going my dating at this point was a secret! Don't do this!) we got drunk and laughed and had a cheeky kiss! At the end of the night we went our separate ways and I came home very drunk and rolled into bed. We spoke for a few days but then he disappeared. I had no time for men like this.....so I moved on and got speaking to someone else! 

Along the same lines except this guy was completely different in personality ways. We went on our first date, my mum dropped me off and he gave me a big hug and said I looked lovely and off we went for some drinks. The date went great again another cheeky kiss or two and we went our separate ways. We got on so well, spoke day in day out on the phone and decided on a second date. We went and he was acting a bit funny, a bit off compared to how he was the first time long story short it ended quite badly with him being very dramatic at the fact he liked two girls but didn't want to loose me. Just to remind you this was our second date!! That night I got A LOT of drunk phone calls and texts when he sent me THAT text......

Part 2 here!


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