22 January 2016

How I Blogged Everyday For Blogmas

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Hello Everybody! If you are new to OliviaCheryl to fill you in I done Blogmas last year, I blogged from the 3rd - 24th December (I missed the first two days due to work commitments) but once I started I didn't stop. I seen a lot of tweets saying people failed at Blogmas, they gave up, simply ran out of ideas so I thought I would do a post on how I blogged every day for Blogmas.

Preparing your posts will save you A LOT of work. I wrote down every post I was going to produce for Blogmas so I didn't get stuck for ideas half way through. Planning posts in advance also gives you plenty of time in case anything needs changing last minute and you need to rejig your schedule.

Bulk Write/Photograph
Bulk photographing is a life saver, not only are you not having to carry all your equipment, props around your house every day but you can write up a post and your photos are already done and edited for it. No waiting around. Bulk writing on the other hand isn't for everyone. When I can I like to bulk write a couple of posts and get them scheduled ready to post. This way I don't worry I won't have any posts ready for specific days.

Schedule Tweets 
I like to use Tweetdeck for this, but I found it went down a lot recently so started using Hootsuite too! Scheduling tweets gets your posts onto your feed when you're too busy not to post and keeps blog traffic high and consistent. If you schedule a few days in advance you don't have to worry for a while about sharing your content.

Using my day's off to my advantage 
Okay we all like a lie in on our day off but for Blogmas I tried to get up earlier on my days off than usual. Reply to emails, comments, visit other blogs and do all of the above. Instead of sitting around watching PLL all day  I focused on Blogmas so I had no excuse to fail!

To be honest these are all really simple and easy ways to succeed with daily blogging, if you have the motivation and drive for your blog I am sure you will do fine! If you want to push yourself to daily blog try some of my tips and let me know if they work for you!



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