04 January 2016

Going Back In Time

Lee Roden Photography girl smiling

Lee Roden Photography girl black and white smiling
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Hello Everybody and #GirlGang members! Today this one is for us lot! It you took part in the chat on the 28th December it was all about how things had changed over time one huge part of the chat was obviously how we had changed as people and this was when the photos of our 13 year old selves started coming out of the wood works. It got me thinking how I had changed, how I had REALLY changed over the last few years. My confidence was sky high, I was a size 14, was in college doing something I lived and breathed (Musical Theatre/Performing) Went to LIPA 4:19, ended up on TV as an extra in various adverts and shows and even got in some modelling it was all happening at once and all going very fast. Before I knew it I had gone up 5 dress sizes, dropped performing as a career, lost a lot of confidence in myself and my whole life as a whole changed.

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I didn't want to perform anymore, okay I did. I still miss it to this day, the feeling of getting on a stage and making someone laugh, cry, throw up (this happened once! Yes my proudest moment) it is a feeling noone can quite describe but as a career it's hard to make. I'm not scared of hard work but I like stability, I like knowing where and when my next pay packet is, how much I will be getting every month, having a stable job and family and I guess with performing this doesn't happen unless you make it, like really make it. I think with dropping all of this is why I put on weight, my 6 days of dance every week stopped and I became a slob. My time in College was the most amazing and I would do anything to go back, of course with a Musical Theatre class came a shed lot of drama but I can honestly say the good outweighed the bad for my college experience!

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Looking back at some photos I pulled out of some hidden files on my laptop it's motivating me. Let's get that Liv back! I know what I want to do with my life now, it may not be performing but something I am loving and that's all I can ask for. I can feel my confidence coming back, I can feel Liv coming back she has been hidden for a long time but she's coming back and I am SO excited to see what she has planned! 

Did you ever feel like you lost yourself? How did you pull yourself back?


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  1. Yay, welcome back Liv �� I totally agreed at what you said in this post. As we grow up a lot of things will change about how we 'feel' & what we 'enjoy doing'. And that's cool! There definitely was a time where I really did feel lost. Felt like I didn't know where I belonged! Luckily through blogging I've built that confidence up again & am now in a much better place! But I think it's fine to feel lost every now and again. Else we'd never get found. Hahah, that sounded deep! Anyway, great post! You're an absolute STUNNER by the way! Only recently found your blog through the lovely comments you've been leaving on my blog. But yes, gonna leave you know & shut up! Looking forward to reading your other posts ^_^♡ xoxo


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