13 January 2016

Gender Transgender

Left-Right: Janet Mock, Ines Rau, Lea T, Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox.

Hello Everybody! I have been thinking of ways to write this post without writing an essay or without making you bored after two seconds but truth is, this is going to be a wordy post which isn't normally something that's on OliviaCheryl. You may have seen the tweets a couple of weeks ago on my feed about Slovenia and how gay marriage has been taken away from people and it got me thinking and it actually sparked something that happened recently.

I won't/can't say where this happened or who with for myself and the other person but this changed my whole week, I will never ever forget about this moment and I am still coming to terms with it if I am being honest. I happened to get talking to a lovely lady (whose name I didn't get) who was transgender. Around 40 years old she had only recently discovered who she really was.... a woman. From her makeup and nails she was beautiful, she had the loveliest voice and had from what I seen a lovely dress sense. This all happened within seconds of me saying "Hi, how are you? What are you up to today?" I felt like I had to speak to her, I wanted to get to know her and she told me this.

She left her marriage of sixteen years recently and went to live back home to explain a few things to her mum, she had to admit to herself who she really was and be happy. She had even gotten her boobs done! Her and her boyfriend of (three or six months) were very excited for their first Christmas together and she was going to buy him a watch. This conversation went on for around 20 minutes we sat and talked and this was the part that really got to me. A gentleman came over and gave the worst look I had ever seen to this lady, he wouldn't even go near her and forced his arm to me whilst I struggled to get what I needed off him all whilst still huffing in what I could see as disgust. WHY did he do this? HOW could he be so rude and make it so obvious, this lady has been so brave and confident and it really made me want to sit him down and have a word with him. Why are you disgusted by this? Why didn't you want to stand or be near her? Is she not a human being like you and I? If you knew I was a lesbian would you react the same way or is it just to transgender males/females? The way we spoke I could tell she loved having someone to talk to, someone who listened and made proper conversation without making strange remarks or giving the odd glance at "the new boobs and obvious makeup" 

90% of transgender people experience harassment, mistreatment or discrimination in a job. - Source
41% of Transgender people have attempted suicide. - Source
49% of transgender people reported physical abuse in a 2007 survey. - Source 

This one conversation changed a lot for me because the fact this lady opened up to me so much I felt like I had gave her courage, not everyone will look down at her, not everyone will make snide remarks or walk the opposite way. Instead I will sit and talk to you and tell you to "Go for it, live your life and be happy. You live once and you deserve to be happy. Enjoy your first Christmas with your boyfriend! Have a lovely day shopping!" We're all humans, we are all different and different isn't bad. LGBTQ people are normal human beings and we deserve the same respect as anyone else. I will never see this happening but if the women who I spoke to ever read this I would hope she knows how much she made my week and how I hoped I made her smile because she made me smile, a lot! 




  1. I can't stand prejudice. How do people find it so easy to fear and hate others? We are humans and beyond that nothing should matter. Great post. You are lovely and I bet that's why she wanted to talk to you so much. I find people who suffer hardship recognise kindness more easily in others.

  2. What a lovely post! I think you're right we should all be far more caring and non judgemental! Go you for talking to this lovely person and go the lovely lady for finally being brave enough to be who she really is!


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