14 January 2016

Do you really need Bloglovin?

Do you really need bloglovin girl at desk with mac laptop and plant and pad
Hello Everybody! With the blogosphere forever growing and the number of new blogs popping up every day growing drastically it's hard to keep up with everyone's posts. Of course unless you're super women you will never get through every single blog's post every single day but you can give it your best try! With that being said how do I keep up with all the blogs I follow, with over 500 blogs the only way for me is Bloglovin. 

Bloglovin is complicated and difficult to get your head around at first I won't lie, you have two profiles and you have to claim your blog, once claimed that's that but you can't edit that blogs page or delete posts you no longer have. Safe to say I do think Bloglovin needs to be changed in areas and made more efficient for bloggers to control their blogs. Once you follow a blogger on Bloglovin every time they post that post will appear in your Bloglovin feed (of course if it's not playing up that day and does its job as we all know it can have its days) each post can be marked as read and you can save posts to share the love! 

Some bloggers aren't on Bloglovin, and it's safe to say that means I don't follow them. How else am I going to see there posts? I can't stalk everyone on Twitter every day so it's just convenient if you do have Bloglovin. In my opinion I do think we should all have Bloglovin, it's easy for everyone to follow you, all your posts are in one place and it's also an amazing way to find new blogs and posts your interested in (although Bloglovin please share the love to some of us smaller bloggers we like to be seen too!) If your thinking of signing up but aren't quite sure how let me know if you would all like a post on how to "claim" your blog and sign up! 

Leave your Bloglovin links below!
Also funny quiz, how many times did I just say the word 'Bloglovin' in this post! LOL!



  1. You said bloglovin 11 times!!! Hahah! I do use it I just don't like the way it looks!! Great post though! Do you have to pay to claim your blog?! I don't think I ever did Haha x


  2. I love blog lovin' it's probably one of my favourite apps as you can scroll down and read any blog you like!
    Here's my bloglovin https://www.bloglovin.com/people/denbraberbeauty-16681169

    Demi xxx

  3. 13 times (with images etc) haha!! I actually find Bloglovin extremely hard to get my head round, I follow people on there but I am more likely to click through to posts via twitter. I hope the powers that be read your post and do a bit of work on it, and also help promote some of us little guys too! Here is my link http://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/across-this-page-14628575 Gemma XX

  4. I agree with you, 100%! I cannot stress enough how annoying it is when I come across a new blog and love it but they don't have bloglovin - I mean, I'm missing out on catching good content! I read this post of yours via Bloglovin hehe! xx

    Jasmine || http://www.blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk

  5. I love how I can keep track of my favourite blogs using bloglovin'. As a blogger I feel that I should have it so that my readers can keep track of my posts. I do however get really frustrated when it plays up!

    P.S I think it's 11 times you said bloglovin' ;)

    Lust For Beauty Blog

  6. Great post. So helpful for newish bloggers. I have a love hate relationship with B/L. Bloglovin is super popular and most bloggers use it. I definitely agree that it needs to change so "bloggers" have more control.

  7. Fab post love !! I agree it took me a while to get my head round BL.. But now I find this essential as I can have all the blogs I love on one place ... And I know which posts I've caught up on! I love setting aside some time to just go through BL and catch up on all my faves! Definite agree that is smaller bloggers should get some attention too!!! I don't think I would be able to keep up without it!!! Here's my link of you want to follow !!!


  8. I agree, it could do with minor updates in some places! But it's great to up to date with your favourite blogs xx

  9. I confess I didn't really get bloglovin' at first, but then when I saw there were blogs I could only follow with bloglovin i understood. Totally supportive about what you said on giving us little guys a chance!
    Plus it sucks that their button doesn't work on wordpress, i mean, it's a big blog platform so why?
    Anyway I'm at https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/sammy-sans-cruelty-14583949

  10. I used to be ADDICTED to bloglovin but now I barely use it.. I mostly read things from my Twitter, pinterest and snapchat feed, since I check those regularly. I do have a bloglovin account though, so you can follow me there. https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/for-feeling-fab-14563883?widgetv3=http%3A%2F%2Fforfeelingfab.blogspot.co.il%2F%3Fm%3D0
    Zoe xx

  11. Thanks for making this post! As a new blogger I've seen so many others using Bloglovin and never really knew if this was essential, but I'll give it a go and see how I get on... Wish me luck lol! :)

    Shannon Kara

  12. I've got bloglovin but I'm not even sure how to get my actually url to give to people! :/

    It is good for keeping up to date but annoying when I publish a post and instead of using my fearured image, it displays probably one of the worst pics as the cover image!

    Ami x

  13. Bloglovin is helpful because you are able quickly find other bloggers, I sometimes find with Twitter it takes longer to look through people profiles :)

    Kim x



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