29 January 2016

Dirty Works Eye Cream

Dirty works eye cream balance puffy eyes gel L'occitane face cream

Dirty works eye cream balance puffy eyes gel L'occitane face cream

Hello Everybody! Over Christmas I told my mum I had been looking for an eye cream that didn't cost as much as our house, they all seem to range from £30 the ones I look at so when I opened this on Christmas Day I was pleasantly surprised she had taken what I said and went and bought me one! I have never heard of Dirty Works nor seen them around the shops I seem to aimlessly wander around in every day so was instantly intrigued by this. The tube is small and light and can we just point out the obvious the packaging is SO cute. They have definitely took a leaf from Benefit's book there!

This small 15ml tube goes a long way I have used this every day twice a day since Christmas and it doesn't seem to have shrunk at all. I use it morning and night and find it helps smooth my eye area ready for makeup making me look less tired and zombie like. I only need a tiny pea size amount for each eye and it blends lovely really moisturising around my eyes. I can see a difference in my under eye area in general, looking just that little more brought to life and not as dull but I can't say it has helped my awful tiny lines. I don't know how to get rid but I have small lines under my eye which are very noticeable once concealer is applied and on the sides of my eyes especially when I smile. It's a shame this doesn't help the lines but I love the fact my eyes do feel hydrated with this cream and I am still using it every day! 

Have you ever tried Dirty Works?


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  1. I've never heard of this before but that is the one thing I've been on the hunt for is a good eye cream that works, I'm sick of constantly looking like a zombie myself, sleep deprivation doesn't help matters. This looks really good. Great blog post
    LisaG XoX


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