01 January 2016

An Interview W/ Thumbelina Lillie!

Thumbelina Lillie Megan blogger girl smiling beauty shot
Hello Everybody! With a new year comes a new blogger interview, I am quite proud of myself for keeping this up! This is my fourth I think now and who better to have in the new year than a blogger I have followed since the day I started my blog Megan from Thumbelina Lillie! Megan is such a lovely blogger with her blog forever growing and her photography being on a whole new level! I still haven't gotten the chance to meet Megan but hopefully one day I get to go to an event more central so we can meet!

1. How did you come up with your blog name – Thumbelina Lillie?
I had a Tumblr blog for a couple of years where I simply reblogged images that inspired me or that I enjoyed, and that was named 'Thumbelina's Diary'. When I was creating my beauty and fashion blog, I knew that I wanted to incorporate my blog somehow but wasn't exactly 100% how I was going about it. Thumbelina came natural due to the face that I'm a teeny tiny 5 foot and Lillie because of my last name - simples! :)

2. If you could work with any brand on your blog who would it be?
Oooh! That is such a tough one! I would absolutely love to work with Illamasqua for something. Despite having a typical 'girl next door' image, I love what they stand for in that everybody is different and that they should embrace their own individual beauty. I'd love to incorporate some of their bright shades too - they're beautiful!

Thumbelina Lillie Megan blogger girl smiling fashion shot with pink and brown top and skirt

3. What will be your 2016 goal for your blog?
Once my dissertation is all handed in in May, I would love to up my blog game! As much as I would love to do it now, it just isn't possible with all my University work I need to do. I would love to continue to work on my writing and photography skills and also revamp my layout into something a bit more professional! I have loved learning how to take photographs and really enjoy the whole experimenting process!

4. You have such lovely skin, what are your essentials for skin care?
Oh thank you! It never used to be this way haha - plenty of years of experimenting with products! I know it's cliche but plenty of water is crucial for improving your skincare. I also find that due to having blemish prone skin a few years ago, introducing tea tree into my routine really worked. Also Rosehip Oil is an absolute god send, anything that has that included always seems to make miracles happen!

Thumbelina Lillie Megan blogger girl smiling Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

5. What is one Fashion item you couldn’t live without?
This will sound SO silly, but a good pair of big knickers! I'm always wearing tights in the Autumn/Winter and they are forever slipping down so I find that putting a good ol' pair of knickers over your tights helps to prevent that. SO PRACTICAL! 

You can follow Thumbelina Lillie Here! Thankyou so much to Megan for letting me interview her, she has to be one of my favorite bloggers so this was so exciting for me!

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