23 December 2015

Taking Advantage Of Blogmas For 2016

Hello Everybody! With 2015 soon drawing to a close I have been thinking a lot on how I can improve my blog in 2016. I want to push myself to create a better blog, something I can be even more proud of and there are so many ways to do this. Improve my photography, manage all my social media better, keep an eye on blog stats, experiment and try new things but seen as I am doing blogmas I thought I would take the opportunity of posting every day to suss a few things out. 

I check my analytics usually twice a month if that, numbers isn't something I want to get wrapped up in, okay hitting that next goal on Twitter or Bloglovin is always an awesome feeling but you can't let it control your success or happiness within your blog but I do believe setting yourself targets and analysing your blogs engagement and stats will help you in the long run. I decided to monitor my stats every day from Google Analytics, I would never suggest using Blogger as your source for stats as it fluctuates dramatically and is never accurate. Google Analytics uses a code you embed on your blog to pick up things like your views, bounce rate, returning visitors, users etc and I have popped all of this in an Excel document, an idea I actually got off Jem (DorkFace) but she uses Excel for other things. 

Excel Document blog stats
Excel Document blog stats

I started from the day I started blogmas right up until Christmas Eve, for me to post every day for a period of time I have looked at how my views, users, sessions, bounce rate and new visitors differ on different days. In the new year I want to post a lot more than I used to and I want to know what my best days to post are. The colours are to show me what has done good and bad compared to the previous day (Red being stats dropped, green stats went up) This may look a tad OTT to some of you but I want to get serious about my blog in 2016 and this is one way I have found to help me as I can see from this so far Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday are looking the most positive but maybe also a Monday.....this is where I will watch my stats for the next week. 

This has really helped me and actually pushed me to see if I can improve those days I am falling on, I love a challenge and I love to push myself so this is my organized dream!



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  1. This is actually really helpful. I don't really have many readers but knowing which days to post to get the best out of my blog would be a great idea. Thanks for this x


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