03 December 2015

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit!

two girls infront of a christmas tree with presents

Hello Everybody! I am so late into this blogmas it's not the 3rd! I have been so busy with work I have been too tired to sit down and do anything other than binge watch Pretty Little Liars! (No spoilers! I am on season Five!) Today I am feeling extra festive, I am currently sat listening to Michael Buble's Christmas Album, I am far from the Grinch I feel festive in October usually so today thought I would share some tips on how to get yourself into the festive mood if your still not feeling it! I also thought I would do a Throw back Thursday to this picture of me and Elyse Christmas day 2012! How time flies!

1. Listen to Christmas music! 
There is nothing quite like the Michael Buble Christmas album! The Pogues Christmas In Newyork, Traditional carols, there is something for everyone! I find myself feeling extra festive just listening to music there is something about the bells and piano that make me like a big child! 

2. Get out to your local Christmas market!
Most places now have a Christmas market, although Liverpool's has gone down hill in the last two years I still love it, you get small independent businesses selling their home made soaps, jumpers, cheese! London's Christmas market is extra special and I couldn't recommend it enough! 

3. Get the Christmas Decorations out!
You may feel like the Grinch, you may look like the Grinch but get those decoartions down out the loft and put them up! I am telling you once that tree is up and your tinsel is covering your fire place you will feel 10x more Christmasy! 

4. Christmas Shopping!
If you hate going out into the crowds do it online, look at the gift sets, make a list! Get a glass of whine or what ever you like to drink and sit down and do your shopping online, may sound strange but because all of the websites are now ready and set for Christmas they make you even more excited to open your own presents Christmas day!

5. EAT!
Get your chocolates, pigs in a blanket, crisps, you name it go out and buy it! If it is traditional Christmas go out and binge! I mean lets face it Christmas is the one time of year you can binge eat and not be judged! I only ever eat a certain chocolate at Christmas because my nan buy's me it. So the minute I eat that it's Christmas!

Try one or two of these and you will soon be feeling like Mrs Claus.....Trust Me!


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