20 December 2015

Elf For Christmas W/ Smiffys Fancy Dress

SMIFFYS ELF COSTUME girl infront of christmas tree
SMIFFYS ELF COSTUME girl infront of christmas tree
SMIFFYS ELF COSTUME girl infront of christmas treeSMIFFYS ELF COSTUME girl infront of christmas tree

Photography: A very tipsy mum! ;) LOL!

Hello Everybody! For me Christmas time is just fun, fun and more fun! Every year my family go the local pub where my nan and grandan live, dressed in festive jumpers or headbands and this year I wanted to take it up a level. I have never been one to shy away, get embarrassed easily or feel like a fool, I like to have fun and if I look silly whilst doing it so be it! Smiffys do a range of Christmas themed fancy dress and I thought what better way to take it up a level than to actually dress up! The range includes Santa, Mrs Claus, Christmas Tree, Nativity, the list goes on so of course I went for the one that would make me look most ridiculous, an Elf! 

The Elf costume comes with the dress and hat, I will say when the costume came I had a bell that had already fallen off which I wasn't too impressed about but my mum was an angel and sewed it back on for me though. For my elf shoes I actually already had some which we found in our loft the other day which was super handy! The dress itself isn't exactly the most amazing material but for something you wear once a year it is comfortable, easy to move in and for £9.99 who is complaining! The draw string waist is an option but I decided to buy my own belt as it didn't stay tight enough for me and I felt like I needed something to pull it together!

I had an absolute ball wearing this costume, keep an eye out on my social media on Christmas day because you will be seeing a very festive elf on your feed!

You can buy this Elf Costume here! 


Smiffys Sent me this product to review, All opinions and views are my own!

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  1. Haha love the elf costume. Bet you made a few people smile you cheer spreader you!!!
    Brilliant price too

    Carrieanne X


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