10 December 2015

An Interview W/ Jessica & Her Journey!

Hello Everybody! I am back once again for the third month of my blogger interviews with a blogger I can't usually go a day without talking too! She is beautiful, hilarious and can drink me under the table! (Probably, I'm guessing as we have never met and she's a pretty good drinker! We will discuss drunk phoning me later!) It's Jessica from Jessica And Her Journey! Jess recently set up her new blog retiring from her old blog and seen as I love her to bits thought it was only right to introduce her to you all! FYI The drunk calls were never answered because I was watching PLL but I did get some last night too which were quite entertaining! 

1. In 5 words explain you and your blog! 
Gay, educated, quirky, girly, fun (is that big headed to say I'm fun??)

2. What is your favourite topic to blog about? 
Being gay and all that, my favourite topic is about sexuality. I started blogging on my old blog about makeup, travel, holidays and all that as that was what I was super into and what I loved reading about, but I then when through a massive lifestyle over haul and I needed a change. I want to blog about something that I find interesting and I have completely lost interest in beauty all together and progressively started reading more and more lifestyle and self help blogs which inspired me to start a new blog about what I was feeling and going through. I want to put my blog out there so other kids struggling with their sexuality have somewhere to realise that they are not the only ones and that although it is a marathon not a sprint, it does get better eventually. Every post on my blog is about sexuality in someway, shape or form. I am starting now to write about my tinder dates (I have a few that need to be posted) as they may help people who keep having shitty dates (me included) to see its not them, and that dating can be fun (or weird in my case).

3. If you could travel anywhere where would it be and why?
California- San Francisco, LA and West Hollywood. Because they are so gay and I want to see the rainbow crossings they have there. I would also like to go to the Abbey and see how queer culture differs to that in Soho. I would also like to feel like I am in the L- Word. Is that totally weird? I love that show so meh. I would also love to see the showbiz/ beach lifestyle too.

4. If you could give advice to your younger self what would it be?
When I was younger I struggled internally with a lot. I was terrified of my peers and of people knowing what was going on inside my own brain. I disguised it with this weird flamboyant drama queen edge, but really hated life. I wish I could just say, you are not weird and people won’t hate you for being you (although I would have been ridiculed in school for being gay so don’t come out just yet!) I also put a lot of pressure on myself, I put a lot of academic pressure on myself and hated failing. If I got a bad grade I would cry for hours (in my GCSE years) and it really played a role in my self -esteem. So I would tell myself to chill and that at the end of your academic career you will have a great degree.

5. What is one thing you are most confident about in yourself?
My ability to drink vodka… No probably my ability to talk to people. I don’t have any fear to talk to anyone, so I end up with a lot of contacts and friends. I have a phonebook full of people I have met in clubs and continue to go out with.

You can find this babe over at Jessica&HereJourney - I suggest you also follow her Twitter because why not! Thanks Jess for letting me interview you! I had a lot of fun !! 


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