14 December 2015

Aloha Lola Christmas Cards

Aloha Lola Portrait Card with christmas decorations JOY Merry Christmas

Hello Everybody! If you follow me on Twitter you probably know I'm an addict, I am on there 24/7 if my scheduled tweets aren't posting I'm posting from my job, my volunteer job, my bed, the shop I'm a complete addict so it was no surprise when I seen Aloha Lola popping up all over my feed. Aloha Lola creates hand drawn cards for any occasion from greeting cards to caricature cards and with Christmas coming up I wanted to get an extra special card made for my mum and her partner. They got engaged earlier on this year and this marks their first Christmas engaged so wanted to make it a little bit more special with a card from Aloha Lola!
My initial talk with Claire was on Twitter I tweeted asking what she could do for me which then lead to our endless back and forth messages! Claire is an absolute angel, she is brilliant for her communication right from the start to the very end and draws up exactly what you ask for, throwing in some of her own ideas along the way (of course approved by you first!) I asked for the picture below of my mum and her partner from the day they got engaged to be the card as it was such a special moment and she couldn't have gotten it more perfect! Claire has talent there is no doubting that and her business is growing day by day! I love supporting independent businesses because I know my money isn't going to some corporate sat in a chair laughing with his millions it's going to a little girls ballet lessons, family days out, someone's passion is a reality and for me that is better then spending 45p for a crap card that will be in the bin! This cost me £4.10 with postage and for a hand drawn card that will be kept I can't complain! Claire drew it within a day of our initial messages and it was out in the post the next day, I am absolutely thrilled and can only imagine the amount of orders Aloha Lola will get from me in the future!

This post was not sponsored in anyway by Aloha Lola, I bought the card myself and wanted to spread the word on such a lovely local business! 

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