07 December 2015

A Look Back At 2015!

Hello Everybody! Looking back at this year I wasn't expecting to be sitting where I am, a lot has changed this year personally, work wise, future wise it's crazy what a year can do and I am so excited for 2016 I can't quite put it into words! I wanted to gather a few of my favorite moments together from this year....a lot may have changed and I may have had a really tough year personally but I would never change anything or how this year went, I have been shaped into a different, stronger and more mature person this year! I got my first Full Time job, didn't have a clue what I was doing in my future, I went through an awful breakup and went into a cave for a solid 2/3 months, decided on my future and started being called Miss Williams, decided what my first university choice was the list goes on. It has been the hardest year to date and sometimes it's hard to remember the good through the bad but I wanted to remember the amazing times I did have this year! I don't have a lot from this year as I can honestly say half of it has been really tough and I haven't wanted to do anything but here is it.......this was 2015.

The nights I got to see what my mum does best, organising her raves and I was the proudest daughter there ever was!
women at rave RCFR summer haze
I attended my one and only wedding of 2015 and felt the best I did all year in myself! Blog Post Here!
girl in blue dress at wedding

Attending my first blogger meetup and meeting the most amazing people! Blog Post Here!
nwbloggermeetup girlgang sewemma hollyquillsandivy
nwbloggermeetup dork face and oliviacheryl smiling girlgang

Attending my first comedy shows in London when I visited my dad! Blog Post Here!
sam simmons comedy show london

 Getting the opportunity to review a restaurant for the blog for the first time! Blog Post Here!
carluccios metquarter menu

Visiting Signature Living and having the most amazing night! Blog Post Here!
signature living titanic hotel girl in pool

Winning tickets in the #NWMeetup raffle to dine at Amanzi one of the best restaurants in Liverpool! Blog Post Here!
amanzi liverpool wth girl infront of sign

Having amazing friends who helped me through the year and having many a nights I don't quite remember!
friends smiling ona  night out

And lastly one of the biggest things to come out of the year, my amazing mum was my rock this year, without her I don't quite know how I would have coped and I don't know how to thank her, she is still kicking cancer's ass and I am so proud of how much she did this year with her group! She is honestly one in a million! 
fancy dress women at wedding


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  1. I'm very very proud of you Olivia & thanks you just made me cry in the Post Office ������❤️ Love u loads. May 2016 be the start of an amazing new adventure xxx


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