08 November 2015

My experience W/ the Contraceptive Implant

Hello Everybody! I recently wrote a post on the Contraceptive Dianette Pill hoping it would help a few people, as I stated in that post I tried a lot over the years and the Implant being one of them. Also same as the last post I DID NOT use this for Contraception. So again if you are looking at the implant for contraception I am not your women and speak to your doctor. Wow that sounded like I was telling you off. I'm not I swear!

Now I think I tried the Implant around the age of 17 but I am not entirely sure but the first thing to start with this is have a good long think if this is the right form of contraception to use, as you do have someone prod something into your arm and you do get left with a very small scar but if your not too bothered about that try and test as you will! A lot of people worry about the actual implant getting put into their arm as they are so scared it will hurt and from my experience I didn't even feel it, I felt like someone was just putting pressure on the inside of my arm and it was over and done with in less than 5 minutes. The Implant itself is the size of a bobby pin (precisely 40mm long) and you don't feel it once it is in your arm. The plus side to the implant is you don't take any pills it is just in your arm doing it's job 24/7 so you don't even have to think about anything. A down side is your periods may become irregular or stop all together I can't actually say if I had any problems with my periods as I had the implant a month and got it removed.

To begin with the inside of your arm where it is may be bruised and sore once you have it done I know mine was tender and sore to touch at first but that stopped after a few days and I found it actually settled really quickly. Within a week I was the most chilled and relaxed person I think you would ever meet. I probably would have fit right in at the stone circle in Glastonbury. No one could upset me, irritate me, anger me etc the world could have ended and I wouldn't have cared it was crazy! Now the main reason I got the implant was for my spots and this didn't even make a dent in my spots, they stayed the same I was covered head, shoulders, chest and back it was awful which is why I got it removed but having the actual implant was just great I felt amazing! The implant can also be put in your arm at any time as long as your not pregnant so nothing like the pill. My mum got the implant the same time as me and she actually turned SO cranky! I have never seen her like that so it was definitely two different sides to the implant we seen that month! If your looking at this as a form of contraceptive for what ever reason I personally feel there is better out there as this just isn't reliable for periods and didn't help my acne but if you want to feel as chilled as the stone circle in Glastonbury go for it!

If you do have any questions on the implant I haven't mentioned here don't be afraid to message me! You can also read up on the implant on the NHS website here!


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