01 November 2015

Getting Over A Painful Experience Is Like Crossing Monkey Bars

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Hello Everybody. I thought I would sit down and do a bit of a chatty post today, I might not even publish this but I think sometimes it's nice to just sit and talk. October was a bit of a mad month for me personally and in work with a lot going on. I finally booked my Math GCSE test and have started revising which is bloody hard, Organised a school placement where I will be with Years 2 and 3 and dropping my hours in work....scary! I have also been smashing at this blog because I really want to push myself with it but it involves a lot of late nights and I am exhausted! 

To top October off was Halloween the night everyone looks forward to all year, I went out and bought a new dress and some accessories and was home by 1am after my night ending awful! Safe to say my mum was my absolute rock and although she wasn't much help as she had had a glass of wine too many I was grateful I could come home and get a cuddle! Emotionally I am drained but I am hoping November will bring a very exciting month planning my school placement which is starting December! I can't actually wait to meet all the children and teachers! More opportunities with the blog have also been coming up which I am SO excited for just small things like working with new brands is amazing and I feel so grateful. Let's not get started on Christmas being just over a month away too. Like my very drunk mum was saying Halloween night life is about perspective what is really bad now won't be so bad in a few weeks time. Imagine in a years time it's all perspective, I have had worse happen and I am still standing and amazing things are happening and I have an amazing family and friends right now is just a bit crap and that's okay!

I am looking forward to the festive season and the beginning of 2016 for lots of new beginnings and exciting opportunities, and for anyone who reads my little blog seriously thankyou. I love reading peoples comments and it makes me so happy being part of such an amazing community. 


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