06 November 2015

An Interview W/ Robowecop!

Hello Everybody! Today I have another blogger interview, I am hoping to make these monthly with some of my favorite bloggers and also to share the love because who doesn't love sharing some love! Today I got to interview the beautiful Rhianna over at Robowecop! Rhianna has to be one of the kindest, sweetest bloggers I know! Her blog is just blogging heaven and she never fails to lure me in with every post. She is truly a lovely lady and you should 100% go have a read as this lovely ladies blog is not one to scroll past!
For anyone who doesn't know, who is Robowecop?
1. Robowecop is Rhianna - a 22 year old graduate from Leeds. Rhianna is an excessive tea drinker, loud music enthusiast, self-confessed social media addict and red lipstick wearer who still hasn't seen Robocop (oops). Usually found with a glass of wine in one hand and scrolling through Twitter with the other.

What has been your favorite thing about blogging to date?
2. My favourite thing about blogging is the friends I've made. When I started my blog, I wasn't fully aware of how huge (and amazing!) the blogging community is and making friends through my blog wasn't even something I thought possible! But now I have a group of girls I can't go a day without talking to and some of my favourite people in the world are people I know only through blogging. It's so crazy!
Robowecop Witch skin care giveaway box the little book of mind

What is one of your biggest beauty secrets?

3. My biggest beauty secret is don't over complicate things when it comes to skincare. I spent years slathering on everything in my cupboard to try and banish my spots. You don't need 10 different products just for your evening routine and doesn't need to cost you hundreds of pounds. I have 4 steps to my evening routine (double cleanse, serum and moisturise) and every product is under £20, some even under £10. And (when I actually keep up to it and am not being a lazy cow) my skin is totally clear!

Other than your blog what is your main passion/hobby in life?

4. My main passion in life (other than blogging and everything that comes with that) is music. It always has been! I'm a keen singer, I used to play the piano and the saxophone (haven't played in years though) and had an extremely musical upbringing. My Dad was a punk and my Mum was a rocker so I've always had a heavier influence (which probably explains my love for Download Festival now). Me and my boyfriend spend pretty much every spare penny we have on gigs and festivals - there's nothing quite like the feeling of watching your favourite band live, it's something I can never get enough of!
Robowecop red lips and stripey top

Finally, where do you see Robowecop going in the future?

5. Honestly? I don't know why it's taboo to say this but the long term goal for robowecop is to take it full time and make a career from it. I love blogging so much and it's only recently that I've realised people actually do read and enjoy my blog and if I work hard enough I could eventually make something really great. So it's a REALLY long term goal, but a goal nonetheless. Watch this space!

Thankyou so much Rhianna for letting me interview you! And can we all just talk about how photogenic Rhianna is please! Oh my gosh!! You can find Robowecop here! 


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