31 October 2015

A Very Halloween LUSH Christmas


Hello Everybody! IT'S HALLOWEEN! Yes I know you might be thinking why has Liv popped some very Christmas LUSH products with some Halloween props. Well this is my thinking, I have done zero Halloween posts this year I also didn't like any of the LUSH Halloween range this year and picked up some Christmas bits instead, now I know it doesn't make much sense but everyone loves Christmas and Halloween so I just thought I would throw them together really killing to birds with one stone. You are quite able to leave this post now, I know this is really strange.


29 October 2015

Kiko Metallic Shine In Beautifully Rose

Kiko metallic shine beautifully rose 02 maybelline 24hour tattoo eyeshadow sleek eye shadow palette real techniques makeup brushes
Kiko metallic shine beautifully rose 02 maybelline 24hour tattoo eyeshadow sleek eye shadow palette real techniques makeup brushes

Kiko metallic shine beautifully rose 02 maybelline 24hour tattoo eyeshadow sleek eye shadow palette real techniques makeup brushes

Hello Everybody! As some of you may know who have read previous posts I recently went to London to visit my dad and whilst there decided I would drag him to the local shopping center and have a browse! I originally went to get a new winter coat and some essentials I needed but of course this didn't happen. In fact I walked out with everything I didn't go in for! Although dragging my dad to Victoria's Secret was quite funny! Don't worry I only went in for body spray!

23 October 2015

My experience on the Dianette Contraceptive Pill

Hello Everybody! I just want to start this post by saying I DO NOT use this pill for contraception, not to be prude but I don't need to because well......I'm not sleeping with any men and don't plan too! So if your looking at this pill for a contraceptive I am not your women and I advise you to speak to your doctor! Now with that out of the way I wanted to write this post for anyone who may be thinking of going on the Dianette Pill for various reasons, acne, period pains, just to stop periods in general etc.


21 October 2015

The Best Christmas Beauty Advent Calanders 2015

Hello Everybody! Christmas is on it's way which has us all thinking of Advent Calendars! Long gone are the days of standing in ASDA picking what chocolate one we wanted for £1 now we have to decide weather it will be No7, LUSH, Jo Malone, Charlotte Tilbury etc and some come at a pretty heavy price tag! So today I thought I would show you some of my personal favorites and ones I think deserve the price tag!
The body shop Christmas beauty advent calendar

17 October 2015

An interview with Dorkface!

Hello Everybody! Today I bring you one of my favorite bloggers, she's the loveliest human you'll ever meet, she's hilarious, has amazing hair and has a cat! Sounds amazing right!? I thought I would interview Jemma from Dorkface for today's post, she is by far one of the loveliest people I have met through blogging in the last year and if you don't follow her blog you so should be!

                          Dork Face Jemma with green hair

Who is Dorkface and when & why did you start blogging?
I'm Jemma, the blogger behind Dorkface! :) I started blogging in March 2014, after I'd been reading blogs on and off for months. I finally realised I needed to motivate myself to start one, as I wanted a place to be creative after I got home from work each day. I always loved writing, photography and anything arty/creative; so blogging was the perfect solution for me.

Did you ever plan to go Full Time with your blog/business?
Plan? No. Hope? YES. Not since starting my blog though. I'd been dreaming of working for myself since I was a little girl. Whenever anyone asked what I wanted to be, I'd always say 'Writer' as a child. Then in my teens the answer become 'Artist' and then gradually I weren't sure anymore what I wanted to be. I only knew I had a multitude of creative hobbies I loved, and wanted to pursue. It was always careers that meant working for myself though. I never wanted to have a boss other than myself! So yes, when I started blogging and I realised how much I loved it, going full time was something I hoped for; but I certainly didn't plan or expect it!

Dorkface picture card DIY

If you could work with one brand who would it be and why?
Oooh.... that's a tough one for me! As I can't decide if it'd be one of my favourite beauty brands, or something a little more creative. I think probably 'the dream' would be to work with a huge stationery brand getting my illustrations printed on a load of merchandise. Yeah.. I think that'd be amazing. So maybe Paperchase! Imagine one day popping in store and seeing my designs, woo! Haha.

What do you design/sell on your Etsy for those who don't know?
To be honest, my Etsy is literally the home of anything I feel like creating! And that changes all the time too. Sometimes I'll be crafting cute kawaii jewellery, sometimes I'll be selling paintings or drawings, and sometimes making handmade cards in orders for people :) I'll be adding some exciting new things to it over the next few months too..!

dorkface, stationery, interview, kawaii, cute, pink. girly

How do you manage so much work? schedule, rota, weekly/monthly plans etc?
To be 100% honest- I sacrifice a lot. A LOT. I don't think people want to hear this bit, as they just like to hear the good bits about doing something you love full time. But it really is all about sacrifice. I can only see friends if I schedule time with them in advance, or its a very quick visit. I dont get nearly enough sleep as I should be, Im up at 3am most nights still working. I don't get to sit around reading blogs for hours, watching netflix or pampering myself any more. I can't remember the last time I was bored, seriously! Maybe around.. 9 months ago, 10? It's a CRAZY schedule at the moment, but I love it. It's something Im so passionate about and managing it all means planning everything down to the last detail, scheduling all my blog posts, tweets, plans, designs..everything. And being really disciplined to stick to it! I wouldn't change it for the world though, I'm incredibly happy! :)

You can find Jem over at 

Thanks again to Jem for letting me interview her, lots of love JIV! 


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13 October 2015

London Comedy

Hey everybody! If you follow me over on Instagram or Twitter (if you don't I highly recommend you do....shameless self promotion!) you'll have seen I was in London the last week to visit my dad I don't get to go down much as I work full time so it's difficult finding the time to so this week we lapped up the opportunity and it involved a few drinks. We usually go see the typical musical theatre while I'm down there but now I'm a tad older we decided to go for some comedy this time around and I was pleasantly surprised.

              the comedy store london

We started the week off with the Comedy Store in which we seen five comedians, of course the front row full of bankers and lawyers got picked on like there was no tomorrow and my attempt of heckling ended in me getting picked on. The show every Tuesday is topical comedy going from the last year to the last seven days getting the audience involved constantly and playing games, the absolutely brilliant Ben Norris stood out to me improvising a whole rap on the spot so if there is any reason you need to go on a Tuesday night it's that! The theatre had a bar in which you could take your drinks to your seats and was quite small making it intimate but for me this makes the experience 10x better (more opportunities to get picked on by the comedians!) The price for the Comedy Store also isn't awful coming in at £14 a ticket so a pretty cheap night out in the centre of London! 

soho theatre london

Friday came and we went to SOHO theatre to see Australian Sam Simmons and I can honestly say out of the three nights in the week we seen comedy this was my favorite. The poor man had a god awful night as he had a tough audience, got heckled to kill himself and had a man say his show was basically shit each to their own but I 100% know at least the first two rows loved the show! Sam makes comedy different he didn't just stand on a stage with a microphone he came out to a stage full of props in a white bathrobe and white boxers and started the show very seductavly pouring a box of rice crispies over his body. From start to finish he had the audience on stage, having input, he had me in tears! The show was basically around "whatshitsme" so in other words what pisses him off. Seriously YouTube this guy he is just brilliant, I couldn't recommend his show enough. Also if your all for audience involvement and having a laugh sit on the front row, we got showered in lettuce, toast, cereal....the list goes on! 

             camden comedy club london

The last night we decided last minute to go to Camden Comedy Club above the Camden Head which was 5 comedians for £10 all of which neither me and my dad had heard of so thought it would go two ways really good or really bad. I was happy to see two women who I must say we're my favorite out of the five comedians I can't say these were the best I had seen all week but they made us laugh. The theatre is above a pub and is really small so gets quite hot but even better as it was so intimate this type of night just wouldn't have worked in a big club. I can't say too much about this night as it didn't wow me but if your looking for some intermediate comedians who like to try new stuff in small venues this is the place to go! 

It was really refreshing seeing some comedy this time I was down, I just wish we had something like this in Liverpool! If we do let me know because I just love it! Also if you know any good comedy clubs in London comment them below because I am 100% on then lookout for next time I'm down!

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