03 June 2015

YSL Lipstick | Shade 14

YSL Red Lipstick Shade 14
YSL Red Lipstick Shade 14YSL Red Lipstick Shade 14

Hello Everybody! Last month was my birthday and one of my presents off Mell was this beautiful YSL lipstick which I swooned over the minute I opened it! This is shade 14 and she honestly couldn't have picked a better colour for me. Having used it a few times I feel I can really gather a good review on it and tell you just how much I love it!

Starting with packaging can we just appreciate the packaging, the Gold sleek square looks amazing on my side table and it clicks into place too so if I throw this in my bag the lid won't just come off and the lipstick won't get dirty. The lipstick itself has YSL engraved on the side which I love, but I don't want to use it as I know this will eventually fade but I feel this really gives it a luxurious feel and look to it as you wouldn't find a drug store brand doing this. The colour on the lips is exactly how it looks here, it is bright red and easy to apply, it glides on my lips not tugging at any dry skin I may have and the stay power is great! Without eating and drinking it stays around 4 hours, with eating and drinking it does come off but I can't even say completely! This really gives my lips a little tint when I wipe it off. I honestly love this lipstick so much, the color, formula, look is amazing and I can't recommend it enough!

Whats your favorite YSL Lipstick?

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