23 June 2015

Sleek Makeup Limited Edition Del Mar Vol II Palette

Sleek Makeup Del Mar Volume II paletteSleek Makeup Del Mar Volume II paletteSleek Makeup Del Mar Volume II palette

Hello Everybody! This is a bit of a small post for today but I wanted to share a new(ish) release with you all! As you all probably know I am a huge lover of Sleek makeup, I own so many of their palettes and I have never been disappointed by any of them so when Sleek brought out their Limited Edition Del Mar VOL II I couldn't not get it! I will admit I am so late with this post I bought this about two months ago but hey it's okay, better late than never! The palette is such a summer inspired palette with pastels of orange, yellow, blue, lilac etc and as usual every color is super pigmented and long lasting! The palette comes with that sponge like brush which I never like so end up throwing away so I usually just use my RT brushes to apply these shadows and like I said they are long lasting but with a primer these shadows will not budge! I would honestly use any Sleek palette for day or night because I know I won't look like a panda or my eye shadow wont have disappeared after a few hours! This palette is still available to buy here so if you like the look of this summer inspired palette you can go and buy it for yourself! 

I couldn't recommend this palette enough if your looking at wanting to try some brighter colors but maybe the not so in your face bright for a cheap price because Sleek are such good quality you won't complain!
Have you tried any Sleek palettes?

21 June 2015

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moistoriser

The Body Shop Vitamin C Range Glow Boosting Moistoriser
The Body Shop Vitamin C Range Glow Boosting Moistoriser

Hello Everybody! I hope your all having a lovely Sunday! Today I thought I would talk about a moisturiser I am loving at the minute, something fairly new to The Body Shop is the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser. This is supposed to help boost dull, tired and grumpy skin something I have. Late nights never help and unfortunately I suffer and get spots a lot so my skin is never really that happy but since using this I have noticed a huge difference. The pot its self isn't the smallest of things and is quite bulky but if you wanted to travel with it I am sure it would't take up too much room. The smell is just amazing, if your a fan of fruity smells then you are bound to love this obviously with it being Vitamin C it is just full of orange smells which is lovely, the smell doesn't linger for too long once applied but I won't lie and say I have sat sniffing this stuff because I have!  

The moisturiser its self is a very thick formula but once applied you can barely feel it, a little goes a long way as it is quite a liquid texture so glides on the skin lovely making me feel very refreshed and let me tell you it helps wake me up in the morning! I have found with a lot of moisturisers that they can take quite a while to absorb and set into the skin making me feel sticky and slows my morning routine down but this dries super quick and sets into the skin lovely leaving my skin feeling soft and lifted. I suffer with quite a red blotchy face and my skin always looks really dull and tired but the difference this has made is unreal! For £16 I couldn't praise this little pot any more, with my Body Shop discount card I got this for even cheaper too and it is something I will most definitely be repurchasing when it runs out although I have had it a month and using it every day it's safe to say there isn't a dent in the tub!

You can buy the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser here!
Have you tried this pot of delight yet?!

06 June 2015

Carluccios Metquarter Liverpool Summer Menu!

Carluccios Metquarter Liverpool Menu
Carluccios Metquarter Liverpool SanPellegrino Limonata
Carluccios Metquarter Liverpool menu

 Hello Everybody! Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to Carluccios Metquarter Liverpool to try out their new Summer Menu and of course I took up the invite! I had never been to Carluccios before, in fact I didn't even know it was a restaurant I thought it was a cake shop as they have the most amazing pastries and cakes in the window! The minute I found out it was Italian theme I was so excited, Italian is my favorite type of food and there isn't a lot I don't like. The restaurant itself is lovely with a beautiful pictures on the walls and an open kitchen. We were greeted by lovely staff members and were escorted to our seats although we were two hours early they were very accommodating and managed to fit us in earlier. We ordered our favorite drinks San Pellegrino Lemonade and decided to start we would get Calamari and Bruschetta and let me tell you the Calamari was the nicest I have ever had, it was soft so you didn't get the chew you sometimes get and they were perfectly cooked. Mell's Burschetta was delicious and full of flavor! I completely forgot to get a picture of my Calamari before I started eating it (Eager Beaver!) so you know you do get a bigger portion than what you see here. 

Carluccios Metquarter Liverpool  Bruchetta
Carluccios Metquarter Liverpool Calamari

For mains I got Spaghetti Carbonara which let me tell you was again the nicest I have ever had! The meat was well cooked and crispy and had no fat on it and the flavor was just beautiful. Mell got the Lasagne and the portion could have fed two people so it's safe to say you get what you pay for! Although I didn't taste Mell's she said it was lovely and was one of the nicest she has ever had. For her side she got Tomatoes with Onions which I can say disappeared quickly! The waiter was just lovely, he was constantly checking our food was okay and checking if we needed anything or any drink top up's. He didn't once make us feel we needed to rush our meals like we have felt in some places and the food came out in a timely manner.

Carluccios Metquarter Liverpool Lasagne
Carluccios Metquarter Liverpool tomatoes and onions
Carluccios Metquarter Liverpool spaghetti carbonara

Strangely we are always to full for desert but our food was that nice we had room! The food wasn't greasy or fatty which made it so much more enjoyable and you could really tell it was top quality food and ingredients as we weren't bloated or felt disgusting after eating a big meal. Mell went for the Chocolate and Almond sponge cake with Vanilla ice-cream and I got Strawberry and Vanilla ice cream both were just delicious, the ice cream was rich and smooth and really had strong tastes of strawberry and vanilla and the sponge was soft and not too heavy on the stomach!

Carluccios Metquarter Liverpool spongecake and ice cream
Carluccios Metquarter Liverpool  ice cream

All in all I couldn't praise Carliccios enough, the service and food was 10/10 even the atmosphere was lovely. Thankyou so much to Carluccios for inviting me to try there new menu I will most definitely be going back soon!

Have you ever been to Carluccios?

03 June 2015

YSL Lipstick | Shade 14

YSL Red Lipstick Shade 14
YSL Red Lipstick Shade 14YSL Red Lipstick Shade 14

Hello Everybody! Last month was my birthday and one of my presents off Mell was this beautiful YSL lipstick which I swooned over the minute I opened it! This is shade 14 and she honestly couldn't have picked a better colour for me. Having used it a few times I feel I can really gather a good review on it and tell you just how much I love it!

Starting with packaging can we just appreciate the packaging, the Gold sleek square looks amazing on my side table and it clicks into place too so if I throw this in my bag the lid won't just come off and the lipstick won't get dirty. The lipstick itself has YSL engraved on the side which I love, but I don't want to use it as I know this will eventually fade but I feel this really gives it a luxurious feel and look to it as you wouldn't find a drug store brand doing this. The colour on the lips is exactly how it looks here, it is bright red and easy to apply, it glides on my lips not tugging at any dry skin I may have and the stay power is great! Without eating and drinking it stays around 4 hours, with eating and drinking it does come off but I can't even say completely! This really gives my lips a little tint when I wipe it off. I honestly love this lipstick so much, the color, formula, look is amazing and I can't recommend it enough!

Whats your favorite YSL Lipstick?
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