25 April 2015

Nail Buff - The New Nail Polish Website

NailBuff nail polish website

Hello Everybody! Today I want to show you a new website called Nail Buff! This website is for all us nail polish addicts, I have quite a few Barry M polishes and I won't lie some of them are SO similar it's ridiculous but this is where the website comes in. You can upload your collection onto this website they have brands like BarryM, Essie, OPI etc and you can compare what you have to another polish so you don't get two of the same color from a different brand! This is great at saving you money and actually logging your collection down so you know what you have got so if your shopping you can quickly log into your account and see what ones you have! 
NailBuff nail polish website
NailBuff nail polish website barrym
NailBuff nail polish website Essie nail polish

I think the idea of the website is awesome, it has already saved me from buying duplicates while I have been out shopping! To make an account you can just connect your Facebook to it, it's that simple and the customer service is great, they reply super quick if you have any questions or troubles! This post is pretty picture heavy instead of text because for a website like this I find that showing you what you actually do on the website is easier! 

Have you tried any websites like this?


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