04 April 2015

L'Oreal Paris New Hot&Go Heat Protect Spray

L'Oreal Parid Heat&Go Heat Protect Spray

Hello Everybody, Tomorrow is Easter and with that being said I am slowly inducing myself into a chocolate coma, there is already 5 Easter eggs in the fridge and my mum brought a box of about 15 home two days ago and let me tell you it took all my might to avoid the box! I tend to let myself go over holidays like Easter because all I want to do is eat but recently I have been wanting to take better care of my skin and hair but I don't think the chocolate will help! But I do have something can will help my hair regardless of how much chocolate I in hale! L'Oreal Paris have brought out a new Studio Line product - The Hot&Go a heat protected quick dry spray. This caught my eye in Superdrug as I have been looking for a heat protect spray for a while and it was on offer for £1.88 so I couldn't say no!

The Hot&Go is a primer spray that helps protect your hair of heat and helps dry your hair quicker and anything that will help me dry my Afro quicker I HAVE to have! I will say the spray literally smells of standard hair spray and does come out quit quick covering large areas of your hair at a time. You should use this generously all over damp hair and use your fingers to just comb it through evenly through the hair. The texture of the spray in the hair at first reminds me of when you spray too much hair spray in your hair and it feels quite tough so I was instantly worried I would hate this product but I was pleasantly surprised! My hair dried a lot quicker, roughly around 20-30 minutes when it usually takes me 45 minutes. Once dry my hair felt super soft and tangle free which I was really surprised about, I found drying my hair a lot easier and my hair felt smoother when brushing through. 

I continued to curl my hair and not once did my hair have that horrid burning smell coming from it or go quite dry and brittle once curled, my hair is full of volume and is super soft which is definitely down to the spray as I used nothing else during this and before using this spray my hair wouldn't be in the best condition! I now feel like I have Victoria Secret curls! YES! 
Overall I am loving this spray so far, it does exactly what it says on the tin and for the sale price of £1.88 it's a complete bargain! I would definitely pick it up at full price! (£3.79)

Have you tried the new Heat&Go? What is your favorite heat protect spray?


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