18 April 2015

Amanzi Liverpool Bar&Resteraunt

Hello Everybody! I recently attended the #NWBloggerMeetup and took part in the raffle for charity, I honestly didn't expect to win but was pleasantly surprised when my number was called! I took full advantage of what was on offer and picked a Meal for 2 at Amanzi Liverpool, as it was my turn for mine and Mell's date night! We finally got around to going today after countless times saying we would and it's safe to say I need to go back soon!

When we arrived we where greeted by two lovely members of staff, one being the lovely Receptionist and another who we think may have been the manager. They then told us a couple of charities they had contributed too in the last month and the list was pretty long which was lovely to hear from such a high end restaurant. We were shown to our seats which where a lot bigger than I expected, they where filled with cushions too for extra comfort which I took full advantage of! The waiter was over quicker than I could have asked to take our drinks order which did take us some time as their were so many to choose from! I went for the Isshiki Blush and Mell went for the Harlem Sheikh, mine was just the nicest cocktail I have ever had, it literally tasted like strawberry juice so they did go pretty quickly but Mell unfortunately kind of had to force hers down as it was too strong but that is her fault for choosing Tequila ;) 

We were left to just chill for a little while which was nice, I can honestly say the whole time we were their it didn't feel rushed at all but when we were ready to order I can honestly say this was the only downfall of the whole experience as we didn't like any of the starters or desserts so we both went for the Rib Eye Steak with Peppercorn Sauce but honestly we didn't need a starter or dessert because this filled us up enough. The food came out within 20 minutes and I have never seen a steak so nicely presented. They where topped with Tomatoes and onions and came with a side of skinny fries which where literally the nicest fries I have ever had! I sometimes find fries to taste and feel quite oily but these tasted really fresh. We both asked for the steaks to be well done and the chef couldn't have got it more spot on, they where cooked to perfection, easy to cut and the taste was just out of this world. To accompany our food I got another Isshiki Blush and Mell got a mocktail (Amanzi Pink Lemonade) The waiter literally couldn't have been more polite offering us anything we may have forgotten and constantly checked if we were okay and our food was how we liked it. Even though we were the only ones in the restaurant after a Hen night had left it wasn't even awkward as the premises is so big and the music playing covered any silence. 

Overall I don't feel like I could praise this Restaurant anymore from the staff, food, decor everything was perfect. Amanzi isn't the first place I would think for date night as what we got came to £97 and for me this is a little out of my price range unfortunately but for special occasions I honestly could'nt recommend this place enough! Thank You so much to all the staff you couldn't have made our experience any nicer and Thank You for your generosity.


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