27 April 2015

300 Followers/20th Birthday Giveaway!

Tomorrow is my 20th Birthday! I can't believe I am saying that, it feels like last month I turned 18 but no it has been a whole 2 years and I am now 20. Wow! I don't feel 20 I feel younger and older all at the same time, I am no longer a teenager and it's quite strange getting my head around that. I am planning on going my nan and grandans today to see all the family as we always do for anyone's birthday and I am beyond excited every year I swear I get more excited for my birthday which I have been told isn't meant to happen!  I also can't believe I am saying this but I hit 300 Followers on the 13th of this month! I have had my little space since August and think I have came so far, I even bought my own domain which was a major step for me! Along the way I have met some amazing people who I honestly can see myself being really good friends with for a long time! The community with blogging is more than what I imagined and I truly do love it! Saying all of this I just couldn't wait to celebrate all of this and do you guys a giveaway! I decided to go with the brand everyone is talking about - Makeup Revolution! Whilst buying the giveaway goodies of course I picked some things up for myself as I just couldn't resist! For the giveaway I will be giving one of you a Makeup Revolution Hot Spice Blush Palette!

To enter all you have to do is use the Rafflecopter widget below and on the 27th May a winner will be chosen! This is only open to anyone anywhere! Please don't follow and unfollow as I will be checking and best of luck!


25 April 2015

Nail Buff - The New Nail Polish Website

NailBuff nail polish website

Hello Everybody! Today I want to show you a new website called Nail Buff! This website is for all us nail polish addicts, I have quite a few Barry M polishes and I won't lie some of them are SO similar it's ridiculous but this is where the website comes in. You can upload your collection onto this website they have brands like BarryM, Essie, OPI etc and you can compare what you have to another polish so you don't get two of the same color from a different brand! This is great at saving you money and actually logging your collection down so you know what you have got so if your shopping you can quickly log into your account and see what ones you have! 
NailBuff nail polish website
NailBuff nail polish website barrym
NailBuff nail polish website Essie nail polish

I think the idea of the website is awesome, it has already saved me from buying duplicates while I have been out shopping! To make an account you can just connect your Facebook to it, it's that simple and the customer service is great, they reply super quick if you have any questions or troubles! This post is pretty picture heavy instead of text because for a website like this I find that showing you what you actually do on the website is easier! 

Have you tried any websites like this?


21 April 2015

Vichy Aqua Thermal Rich Face Cream

Vichy Aqua Thermal Rich Face Cream

Vichy Aqua Thermal Rich Face Cream

Hello Everybody! If you have seen my #NWBloggersMeetup Post you will have seen I was lucky enough to get this Vichy Face Cream! This little pot comes in at £16 in Boots and if your looking for a luxurious light weight cream you have to go for this one. The pot is beautifully designed with a mirror on the top (Don't worry it doesn't smash easily....Yes I have dropped this!) With Aqua blue wrapped around the outside. It is designed for Normal/Dry skin and should be used if you are worried about Dryness or Dullness.
What is suggests it does
Replenishing and soothing 48-hour moisturizer in a rich, refreshing cream. For deep comfort and a fresh complexion that lasts.


18 April 2015

Amanzi Liverpool Bar&Resteraunt

Hello Everybody! I recently attended the #NWBloggerMeetup and took part in the raffle for charity, I honestly didn't expect to win but was pleasantly surprised when my number was called! I took full advantage of what was on offer and picked a Meal for 2 at Amanzi Liverpool, as it was my turn for mine and Mell's date night! We finally got around to going today after countless times saying we would and it's safe to say I need to go back soon!


15 April 2015

Little Woods Lace Dress W/ Kurt Geiger Gold Heels

Girl in Gardens in Little Woods South Navy Dress
Girl in Gardens in Little Woods South Navy Dress and Miss Kurt Geiger Gold Heels
Girl in Gardens in Little Woods South Navy Dress and Miss Kurt Geiger Gold Heels
Girl in Gardens in Little Woods South Navy Dress and Miss Kurt Geiger Gold Heels with Gold clutch bag
Girl in Gardens in Little Woods South Navy Dress and Miss Kurt Geiger Gold Heels with Gold Clutch bag
Miss Kurt Geiger Gold Heels
Gold stone clutch with Little woods south navy dress pearl bracelet and pandora bracelet
miss selfridge diamons shaped earrings

Hello Everybody! If you follow me on Twitter (Shameless plug I'm here!) You will know yesterday I went to my Sister in law's wedding and it was an amazing day and I honestly felt amazing! It is the first time in a long time I have felt beautiful! I was wearing my Little Woods Navy Lace dress from the brand South with my Miss Kurt Geiger Gold heels which I can honestly say came off after two hours there that high! For accessories I kept it minimal and went with my Gold clutch from a pop up stand in Liverpool, Pearl and CZ stone bracelet with my usual Pandora bracelet, my usual CZ ring off M and these beautiful diamond shaped earrings from Miss Selfridge! Everything I am wearing is now unavailable in the shops I mentioned sorry but you may find something similar or the same on places like Ebay! 

I had the most amazing day and will be doing a post purely on the day with the photos from the photographer soon! 


11 April 2015

The Maybelline Color Tattoo Hype

Maybelline Color tattoo eyeshadow pots with real techniques makeup brushes

Maybelline Color tattoo eyeshadow pots with real techniques makeup brushes

Hello Everybody! Eye shadow can make a look for me along with lipstick. The combination is heaven and sometimes finding the right products can be tricky. I used cream eye shadows years ago when I knew nothing about makeup and remember not knowing how to apply it and looking like a panda but now I have grown up and learned a lot about makeup so have been expanding my collection and trying new things. The Maybelline Color Tattoo's (which you will have seen in my recent Beauty Favorites) are highly praised and recommended by so many bloggers that I had to get myself some and try them! I picked up Eternal Gold, Metallic Pomegranate and Creamy Beige. To apply all of them I use my ring finger and gently pat the colour onto my eye lid and use a brush to blend it out. They are highly pigmented meaning you never really need another shadow on top of them unless you are going for a certain look.


05 April 2015

Easter OOTD

Girl in garden on easter in blue dress

Girl in Levi denim jacket with primark bag

black and white fashion photo
Girl in garden at easter in blue dress

Dorothy Perkins Brown Faux Leather Boots

Happy Easter Everyone! I have noticed, with every OOTD post more confidence shows in my pictures and also the quality of the photos! I am quite proud of myself I must say! Anyway, today I am lying in bed having a lazy Sunday binge watching TV shows and chocolate with Mell! These photos were actually taken yesterday at my nan and grandans house, the house made for a blogger, literally it has an amazing garden, white floors and walls the lot! 
I thought I would go casual/dressy with this vintage style dress my nan and grandan got me for Christmas paired with my over sized Levi denim jacket which I adore in summer and my new Dorothy Perkins boots which you will have seen if your subscribed to my Youtube channel, shameless self promotion the video is here! These are seriously comfortable even for the first wear, the heel is perfect for every day but can easily be transferred into night and just to keep the look quite casual my Primark brown tasseled bag! I used this at Glastonbury and still have my Oxfam Syria badge on it, I can't bring myself to take it off!

Accessories are pretty standard my original Pandora bracelet and my ring off Mell and if you can see in the B&W photo I am wearing a Silver necklace from Utility and it's actually a parrot which I love! I got this in my goody bag from the #NWBloggersmeetup and have worn it since! I had a lovely day relaxing at my nan and grandans yesterday! Nothing can beat a cute family day!

What are you doing this Easter?


04 April 2015

L'Oreal Paris New Hot&Go Heat Protect Spray

L'Oreal Parid Heat&Go Heat Protect Spray

Hello Everybody, Tomorrow is Easter and with that being said I am slowly inducing myself into a chocolate coma, there is already 5 Easter eggs in the fridge and my mum brought a box of about 15 home two days ago and let me tell you it took all my might to avoid the box! I tend to let myself go over holidays like Easter because all I want to do is eat but recently I have been wanting to take better care of my skin and hair but I don't think the chocolate will help! But I do have something can will help my hair regardless of how much chocolate I in hale! L'Oreal Paris have brought out a new Studio Line product - The Hot&Go a heat protected quick dry spray. This caught my eye in Superdrug as I have been looking for a heat protect spray for a while and it was on offer for £1.88 so I couldn't say no!

The Hot&Go is a primer spray that helps protect your hair of heat and helps dry your hair quicker and anything that will help me dry my Afro quicker I HAVE to have! I will say the spray literally smells of standard hair spray and does come out quit quick covering large areas of your hair at a time. You should use this generously all over damp hair and use your fingers to just comb it through evenly through the hair. The texture of the spray in the hair at first reminds me of when you spray too much hair spray in your hair and it feels quite tough so I was instantly worried I would hate this product but I was pleasantly surprised! My hair dried a lot quicker, roughly around 20-30 minutes when it usually takes me 45 minutes. Once dry my hair felt super soft and tangle free which I was really surprised about, I found drying my hair a lot easier and my hair felt smoother when brushing through. 

I continued to curl my hair and not once did my hair have that horrid burning smell coming from it or go quite dry and brittle once curled, my hair is full of volume and is super soft which is definitely down to the spray as I used nothing else during this and before using this spray my hair wouldn't be in the best condition! I now feel like I have Victoria Secret curls! YES! 
Overall I am loving this spray so far, it does exactly what it says on the tin and for the sale price of £1.88 it's a complete bargain! I would definitely pick it up at full price! (£3.79)

Have you tried the new Heat&Go? What is your favorite heat protect spray?


02 April 2015

Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit

Seventeen Define and conquer contour kit

Hello Everybody! I don't know about you lot but Contouring has never been a strong point of mine, I have used the Sleek contour palette in the past and was completely put off after looking like a shiny, gold/silver mess but when I seen this set I had to try it! I have never tried anything from Seventeen, in fact I didn't know Boots sold it until the other day so when I seen this palette I had to have it! This is in the shade Medium and I am not a medium but I didn't even think there would be other shades when I picked it up because I don't contour but there is a Fair shade don't worry! OOPS!
The palette comes with a Darker shade to define your face and send certain parts of your face back to thin it out and the lighter shade to brighten parts and bring them forward essentially highlighting!

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