19 March 2015

Shine Control Primers - Best & Worst!

body shop matte primer instablur benefit porefessionals sleek control shine and prime

body shop matte primer instablur benefit porefessionals sleek control shine and prime

Hello Everybody! Today I thought I would focus on something I have never posted about on OliviaCheryl and that is Primers! I am not a primer junkie, I don't swear by them I don't run for them when there is a new release I prefer lipsticks and eye shadow but the four primers I do have I love! I wanted to share the pro's and con's of each and hopefully it will help anyone who is new to primers or looking for a new primer to decide on one!

1. The Body Shop Skin Matte It Primer. This is a strange consistency, it is oily but once applied matte. Although this is best for Oily skin as it gets rid of Shine and smooths your skin you can also use this on other skin types. I have found this isn't the best out of the four to keep shine away but a little goes a long with this tube. At £12 I do like it I think it helps keep make up on but not so much in my T-Zone.

2. The Body Shop All In One InstaBlur is kind of the same as above but also is meant to cover blemish's, reduce appearance of pores and promises a 12 hour shine control. Again another one I don't feel helps the shine too much but it does help smooth my skin and the look of spots and redness softens. It also keeps makeup on longer but again not so much on the T-Zone but this is better than the above.

3. The Benefit Porefessionals is great! I know this isn't for oily skin BUT It reduce's the appearance of pores, lines and smooths the skin giving a really nice base to apply Foundation. This helps with oil for a short period of time so better than The Body Shop primers for oily skin and is really light weight so you feel like you have nothing on under your foundation! I feel this really helps smooth your foundation too and helps if you crease around your eyes.

4. The Sleek Control Shine&Prime is my favorite of all four. The smallest of the four but the best the consistency is mouse like but once applied it is as if it has disappeared, it clings to the oily parts of your face so feels quite tough to apply but on your none oily areas glides on which I find crazy to apply! It does not let any shine through and really smooths your skin ready for foundation. This is the cheapest of all four and my favorite!

So although I may not be a primer junkie I have a little range which I like to switch around every now and then, I can definitely see a difference at the end of the day in my makeup when I don't wear a primer! If you have any recommendations comment below so I can try them! 


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