30 March 2015

LUSH Easter Range!

LUSH Easter Range Egg Carrots Rabbit

Hello Everybody! As a huge lover of LUSH When pay day came around I ran to LUSH and got some of my no doubt soon to be Easter Favorites! I have never tried any of the LUSH Easter Range in the past years so this year I was determined not to miss out! The range is filled with Egg shaped bath bombs, Rabbit heads (Not real don't panic!) and bunches of carrot bubble bars! It took all my will power not to pick up about 10 of each but I narrowed down what I wanted to my favorite four!

LUSH Easter Carrots

My Favorite of the four for cuteness has to be the Bunch Of Carrots! With each carrot you get around 5 bubble baths which to me is amazing for all three coming in at £5.95 - Yes it is quite pricey for LUSH but these little guys should last you up to 15 baths!
Once popped under your tap the smells of Grape Fruit, Lemon and Buchu oils will fill your bathroom making you feel relaxed and soothed. Tying them together I think is Bamboo although it doesn't say on the website.

LUSH hoppity poppity bath bomb

Hoppity Poppity has to be one of the most popular this year as they only had one box left when I went in a week before Easter Sunday. Personally I hate the smell of this I got this purely for the cute factor! This bath bomb is fresh with Violet and Lavender with popping candy inside (Now I see where the Poppity is from!) With Lime oil incorporated into this little guy your skin will feel really cleansed and toned by the end of your bath!

LUSH Golden egg bath bomb

This Toffee and Chocolate smelling Golden Egg has got to be my favorite for presentation! The whole egg is covered from top to toe in gold dust which trust me will leave your nose, hands, clothes and those around you gold! Pop the egg in your bath and your skin will be left feeling super soft and smelling amazing! With Sweet Wild Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil both being antibacterial this bath melt will help clear your skin too! Major bonus!

LUSH easter fluffy egg bath bomb

Last is the Fluffy Egg bath bomb. If you are a fa of Candy Floss or the famous LUSH Snow Fairy this will be the one for you as the smells are identical! This is only £2.95 too so if your having the Snow Fairy blues get your hands on this! 

Overall I love the LUSH Easter range! They have something for everyone and it is all super cute!

Do you have any of the Easter Range?


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