30 March 2015

LUSH Easter Range!

LUSH Easter Range Egg Carrots Rabbit

Hello Everybody! As a huge lover of LUSH When pay day came around I ran to LUSH and got some of my no doubt soon to be Easter Favorites! I have never tried any of the LUSH Easter Range in the past years so this year I was determined not to miss out! The range is filled with Egg shaped bath bombs, Rabbit heads (Not real don't panic!) and bunches of carrot bubble bars! It took all my will power not to pick up about 10 of each but I narrowed down what I wanted to my favorite four!


28 March 2015

My Go To Sleek Palettes This Month!

Sleek Vintage Romance Au Natural Eye Shadow Palette with Real Techniques Brushes

Sleek Vintage Romance Au Natural Eye Shadow Palette with Real Techniques Brushes

Hello Everybody! As I am a HUGE eye shadow lover I wanted to share with you my two go to palettes I have been loving this month! I love experimenting with new colours and styles, I find eye shadow can really make a look and is the thing you can most experiment with with your makeup. You probably know I am a huge lover of Sleek Makeup and I think their eye shadow palettes are brilliant! The packaging is sturdy for dozy people like me who always drops palettes, the shadows are really pigmented and as most palettes you get a small sponge brush (Not that I ever use these unless I have ran out of makeup brushes to use!) 


25 March 2015

Buckley Hearts&Kisses Range!

Buckley Hearts and Kisses Bracelet Range Rose Gold

Hello Everybody! I got the chance to try a piece from Buckley recently which I was super excited about! I have heard about and seen Buckley jewelry before but I have never had the chance to try their pieces. I got sent the 3 Piece Mesh set and I have to say I am completely in love! I kind of thought at first I would struggle styling these with any outfits but they actually go with most things! With a mix of colors you can't go wrong, my personal favorite being the Rose Gold because DUH it's rose gold! They do come in Gold, Rose Gold, Rhodium or Black Rhodium and you get three, although you can't pick which colors you will get I think this adds to the fun of online shopping as it is kind of a surprise! 

23 March 2015

March Favorites!

Real Techniques Powder brush maybelline color tattoo maybelline lash sensational the body shop tea tree cleansing toner sleek blush by 3 palette zuzka skin care

Hello Everybody! I got quite a few new bits this month and couldn't wait to try them all (You can find my Haul Here!) So I wanted to put a list together of what I have been loving this month! I have never done a favorites before so thought it was time!


20 March 2015

Shopping For Diamonds With Anjolee! AD*

Hello Everybody! I don't know about you but I hope to one day get engaged and have a big white wedding, my birthday is April 28th meaning my birthstone is in fact a Diamond poor M doesn't realize who she chose to be with! But with all this comes your engagement ring, birthday and anniversary gifts etc and I love anything that is personal. I have a Silver locket off my mum from my 16th Birthday engraved and with a picture of both of us inside, this to me is the best gift I could ever get, she took the time to get this engraved and specially done for me which is just lovely. Saying this I think anything that is personalized to a persons taste is a lovely gift and this is where I find Anjolee perfect! With every diamond ring/bracelet/earrings you get a certificate certifying the Diamonds are authentic. Everything can be customized and I mean everything from the metal type (Gold, White Gold, Platinum) The Carat weight, Diamond Quality, Diamond Color, Ring Size etc. You can get engravings, charms etc. 


19 March 2015

Shine Control Primers - Best & Worst!

body shop matte primer instablur benefit porefessionals sleek control shine and prime

body shop matte primer instablur benefit porefessionals sleek control shine and prime

Hello Everybody! Today I thought I would focus on something I have never posted about on OliviaCheryl and that is Primers! I am not a primer junkie, I don't swear by them I don't run for them when there is a new release I prefer lipsticks and eye shadow but the four primers I do have I love! I wanted to share the pro's and con's of each and hopefully it will help anyone who is new to primers or looking for a new primer to decide on one!


15 March 2015

NWBloggers Meetup!

Hello Everybody! I am SO Excited to share this post today because I attended my first ever North West bloggers meetup on Saturday and I can honestly say it was amazing! Not only was the actual event organised to perfection but from the venue, drinks, food and other bloggers everything was amazing! I got to meet bloggers who I had been reading for a while and it was just so weird finally meeting these faces you see on blogs/twitter/instagram every day! The event was held at the Kabinett next to the Philharmonic Hall, it was in the basement filled with leather couches, a fairy light bar and brick walls, the perfect Tumblr venue! Sam (LittleFickle) Organised the event and 25 bloggers turned up! We had delicious cakes made by Hello And... The company Natalie Roche where there showing off their Glam Glow, Xen-Tan and Amazing Cosmetics and a cute stall called JunkBox who sell handmade jewelry, hats, T-Shirts etc.

The Kabinett Sign on street


13 March 2015

The Beautiful Bluebird | Guest Post!

 Hi everyone, my name is Roxie and I usually blog over at The Beautiful Bluebird. I'm beyond excited to guest post on oliviacheryl.com today! I don't know about you but I love to read posts that indulge my nosiness. My favourite posts are usually the ones that allow me to peek inside a bloggers handbag, wardrobe, home - anything really! I especially love nothing more than poking around someone else's makeup collection. So today I thought I'd share with you all the goodies I've been carrying around with me this past week. I've been using my trusty Naked on the Run all-in-one set from Urban Decay constantly for the last few months, but I thought I'd best put this away for when I'm next travelling and bring back some of my old favourites before I run it out completely! The bag itself is a cute blush pink and gold polka dot creation from Zoella Beauty that reads "Just say... YES!" and is availble at Superdrug. So let's take a peek inside...


08 March 2015

Vintage With River Island!

oliviacheryl in new look coat with primark bag and vintage skirt and blouse with fishtail braid

oliviacheryl in new look coat with primark bag and vintage skirt and blouse with fishtail braid and river island shoes

Red river island shoes

oliviacheryl with primark bag and vintage skirt and blouse with fishtail braid and river island shoes

Hello Everybody! A quick OOTD today! I am off to see my dad which I am SO excited for, I haven't seen him since August so a meet up is long over due! I decided to go with my Vintage customized top I bought in Manchester the lovely lady I bought it off customized the collar adding the Pink Triangles on which I love because it makes it such a one of a kind piece! My skirt is again from a Vintage fair, the floral print is making me so excited for spring although it is black backed the colors of the flowers still stand out!
I paired this with my River Island Red Brogues, I bought these at a car boot sale for £5! I love them so much I can definitely see myself getting some wear out of them! To throw over all of this I am wearing my New Look Green&Black Soft Brushed coat which I got for something around the price mark of £20 in the sale and I have been getting so much wear out of it! 
I have no idea where my bag is from sorry but I went for a really simple over the shoulder Faux brown leather as it is big and chunkie so fit's quite a bit inside with two extra pockets on the front too perfect for when I am out all day!

Thankyou to Mell for bracing the ice cold weather to take these photos! I personally think she did well for her first time! 


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