21 February 2015

My BarryM Nail Varnish Collection!

BarryM nail varnish and victorias secret bag

Happy Saturday Everybody! I hope you have all started your weekend off well! Today I have another collection for you this time my nail polish collection! I am OBSESSED with doing my nails and although I do give my nails a break it doesn't last long, I just think your hands look a lot nicer with nail polish on, they also make some outfits 100x better! I know if I am going on a night out I will do my nails I just feel so much nicer and I feel like my whole look is complete! I have a range of the BarryM nail polish and literally couldn't praise them all enough! They last with a top and bottom coat at least a week sometimes more if you are careful and for some coming in at £2.99 this is a lot cheaper than some nail polish brands out there. BarryM do a range of polish from Quick Dry, Effects, Glitter etc. Some of which I am still waiting to try! Every time I go to Superdrug I know I will pick up two or three to add to my collection! I am going to pre warn you now this is a photo heavy post!

BarryM nail varnish with BarryM eye shadow palette

BarryM nail varnish with BarryM Eyeshadow palette

I recently bought a Base coat which I also use as a top coat and it helps my polish stay on a lot longer! The BarryM Base coat comes in at £2.99 and I can't complain about it! Over Christmas I was very into my darker nail colors and Red's and now we are going into Spring and Summer I have picked myself some pastels to go with the not so British weather! I find my Glitter polish is best over a colored polish. I usually put Christmas Tree and Jingle Bells over 'Fatal Red' or 'Raspberry' 

BarryM nail varnish with BarryM Eyeshadow palette and victoria secret bag

BarryM nail varnish with BarryM Eyeshadow palette and victoria secret bag

Swatches of each polish!

BarryM nail varnish in Mint Green 304 Ballerina 357 and Lilac

Mint Green: http://www.barrym.com/products/nails/paint/all-nail-paints.html
Ballerina: http://www.barrym.com/products/nails/paint/all-nail-paints.html
Not sure what this shade is sorry...

BarryM nail varnish in Berry 308 Bright pink 279 mpimp 122

Berry Ice-Cream: http://www.barrym.com/products/nails/paint/all-nail-paints.html
Bright Pink: 
Not sure of this shade sorry....

barrym nail polish in bright red 262 blueberry 306 raspberry 273

Bright Red: http://www.barrym.com/products/nails/paint/all-nail-paints.html
Blueberry Ice-Cream: http://www.barrym.com/products/nails/paint/all-nail-paints.html

barrym nail varnish in jinglebells 440 matt white 66 christmas tree 439

Jingle Bells: No longer in stock
Matt White: http://www.barrym.com/products/nails/paint/all-nail-paints.html
Christmas Tree: No longer in stock

barrym nail varnish cappucino 444

This lonely polis got lost and I found him after I took all of my swatches so he had to have his own photo sorry!
Cappuccino: http://www.barrym.com/products/nails/paint/all-nail-paints.html

Sorry for the overload of photos, I just have no other way to show you how they look! My Favourite colors are Cappuccino, Fatal Red, Ballerina & Mint Green! I find the BarryM polish to be very shiny/glossy and pigmented and I only ever need one coat unless it is quite a light shade so you don't need need to use a lot when you apply it, I definitely find with these polishes that a little goes a long way! They also have some really unique and gorgeous colours in their range and I definitely need more of them! Whether you are all for dark black nails or pretty in pink BarryM have it for you and for a very reasonable price!

I want to get more experimental with my nails and want to get some nail pens, art etc! For now I will stick with my Elegant Touch nails! I do have a board on Pinterest full of Nail Inspiration (Shameless plug: https://www.pinterest.com/oliviacherylx/nail-inspo/) which I will be using when I get all my nail pens!

Do you own any Barry M polish? Do you like painting your nails?


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