07 February 2015

LUSH Spa Liverpool The Spell Experience!

Hello Everybody! Warning this is a photo heavy post but I have to say...LUSH Liverpool have done it again, not only have I come home smelling amazing but I now feel amazing! I just want to say LUSH please pass this onto your staff when I say they are amazing not only in the spa but downstairs too, me and my mum got welcomed by a lovely member of staff who offered us tea and coffee and made us feel very welcome despite the shop being so busy (I unfortunately didn't get his name!) and everyone else who we spoke to were just as friendly and welcoming! Even when leaving the shop we had a lovely man chat to us again, I seriously didn't want to leave, can I PLEASE work there!? Haha! 

The lovely Gemma and Louise then came down to greet us and bring us upstairs where the treatment would take place, as soon as you shut that door to go up the stairs it is silent, you can't hear any noise or banging from the shop floor and this is the same for upstairs in the treatment rooms. I couldn't believe it when Gemma asked if I had been there before as I went back in 2013 and couldn't believe she remembered me! We sat down in the kitchen, Although the room is one big room it is kind of set apart like a living area and kitchen, wooden tables, chairs and sides very old style bathrooms come to mind but with a more modern take in places, I couldn't get many pictures as I wanted to enjoy myself and relax of course but what I did get you can see what I mean! 

Gemma and Louise went through the whole treatment with us, what we would expect, what products they would be using etc...as this was The Spell the whole treatment is based on getting rid of a worry you have which you write down on a piece of paper (with an old style Quill of course to go with the old style theme) noone can see your worry don't worry! (No pun intended!) You then pop it into a kind of small kettle which they then set alight giving the idea your worry is now gone and you can start your treatment with an open mind wanting to move forward. 

*By stimulating reflex points, our therapists work on helping you let go of worries and built-up tension, allowing you to move forward with ease and comfort while bespoke music enchants you.* 
We then went to our rooms where a bed was covered in warm towels and the whole room is filled with different LUSH smells. The spell is all through the feet, whilst the foot mask applied  is on your feet you also get a head and temple massage which I can honestly say was amazing!! The whole treatment made me feel so relaxed. If your looking for something to help your worries and stress, make you feel completely relaxed then this is for you where as if your looking for a deep tissue massage and want a more hard massage go for the Comforter (A full body massage something I have had myself which is also amazing!!) 
Gemma had the job of tackling my feet whilst Louise got my mum I also had Gemma for my last treatment and I think I love her. She makes me feel so comfortable and at ease, keep in mind I HATE my feet and getting them out for people is not something I like but Gemma (and I know Louise is the same because Mell and my mum had her) just makes you feel comfortable! Both Gemma and Louise are so lovely that you don't want to leave, I wanted to sit and talk to them all night! LUSH you have some amazing staff, never let them go! They are a serious asset to your company and you should be proud to have such amazing staff, it's not every day you leave a shop smiling, laughing and wanting to go back every day! 

The products they used where:
A bath bomb exclusive to the spa (the name for the life of me I cant remember!)
A Temple Balm (I can't find it online sorry!)

At the end of the treatment they don't rush you out which I love, they let you take your time to get ready and also give you a cup of hot water with Mint, Lemon and god help me something else I can't remember - all ingredients where used in the treatment in the form of lotions, scrubs etc. Both me and my mum also got a little present as they call it, their exclusive bath bomb they used during our treatment to take home! I cant wait to get a bath! We also got a card that goes with this specific treatment that we can put in our purse, wallet, car, sideboard where ever you want to put it to keep the positive energy in our lives and stay happy which I thought was seriously cute!
Overall I honestly can't praise LUSH and The Spell enough, I could go on and on but I think you would all get fed up! Thankyou again, I hope to see you for another treatment very soon!

Have you ever been to a LUSH spa? What treatment did you get?



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