19 February 2015

Benefit Cosmetics Agent Zero Shine Review!

Hello Everybody! Luckily this post is not filled with my oily face because I no longer have one! Kind of.....well not with my new Zero Agent Shine! I have always struggled with my oily skin, when I apply my makeup I look oil free but as the day goes on it's like my oily skin washes away any trace of makeup in my T Zone and I am left looking sweaty and not very nice! It has always been an ongoing problem, I have used powder after powder constantly topping it up through the day thinking it'll make all the difference when in actual fact it disappears within an hour! When I saw Benefit advertising there Zero Agent Shine I was intrigued and wondered if this little pot of gold actually worked, at a whopping £23.50 this is definitely on the pricier side for a powder especially when I usually don’t pay over £10 for a powder. What is different with this is the small tube comes with a small applicator brush which is perfect if you are on the go, I can’t say it’s the best brush in the world but it fits in the lid perfectly and really picks up the powder without sucking it in. The idea is you pop the lid off and pour a small amount of powder inside and then put it anywhere on your face you need it before or after makeup! This is put in the Primer section of the Benefit website although you can use this at any stage of your makeup application! 

The powder it’s self is translucent and it does feel like once applied you didn't apply it, it isn't heavy on your skin and pretty much is invisible so at first I wasn't too sure this was going to be a good product but boy was I wrong! I used this for the first time on a day out shopping where running was involved with heavy bags so I thought this didn't stand a chance but I was pleasantly surprised when I looked in the mirror when I got home to find I was still almost completely matte! The only shine that came through was on my nose, after nearly a month of using this I still find my nose is the only place shine does come through but I can live with that because it is usually my head that is the worst place! I actually don’t even apply my normal powder on over this as this goes on my Head, Nose, Chin and just around my nose so I don’t need excess powder. I have used Benefit products in the past and was never 100% happy with them and for the price I was hugely disappointed so I was really skeptical about trying this and paying so much for it but I am so glad I did! I literally can’t live without it now! I also love the packaging! As always Benefit you pulled it out the bag with the cute packaging!

 You can buy Zero Agent Shine Here!
Have you tried Zero Agent Shine?

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