03 January 2015

House Of Holland Elegant Touch Nails Review

Hello! I recently got for Christmas some House Of Holland Glue on Nails and couldn't wait to try them! Although I work somewhere where I have to peal stickers, clip clasps and things of that sort I still wanted to try them and just thought I could clip them down if needed...and it was needed! The nails themselves come in super cute boxes due to the title "House of Holland" the boxes are in the shape of a house with a window in the front showing off the nails in all their glory. My mum chose for me "Sweet Tooth" and "Thorn In My Side" and they couldn't be more me! Inside you get the glue, a nail file and instructions on how to apply the nails although there are clear instructions on the back of the box too.

On my first application I was shocked by how quick the glue dried, gluing my fingers to my nails a couple of times! It is super glue so is hard to get off when needed but we will get to that later. Once dried as the nails where far to long for me I cut them down with some nail clippers and used the nail file I got within the pack to file them to a nice round shape. The file is very tough and I found a normal nail file barely done anything to the nails although they are very thin they are tough nails and need just as tough a nail file. 
Once filed I did take the roses off of my index fingers as it looked a bit odd, they where a tad longer than the rest of my nails and I didn't like it too much. To do this I had to file it as much as I could then clipped at it it took me a while but once off my nails looked a lot better. I would be careful where you file the Rose though as I managed to file some of the green off of my nail! Oops!

After one day of wearing my nails I noticed I hadn't filed my thumb nails enough and they were bigger than they should have been and on pulling a chair out at a restaurant I actually pulled half of the nail off! I can say I wasn't too happy but it was my own fault as I hadn't fit it to my nail properly. Getting the rest of the nail off when I got home was a nightmare! I soaked it in nail varnish remover and it didn't budge so I moved to the nail file eventually managing to get it off but the glue was left! Honestly I couldn't get all the glue off and gave up by reapplying more and sticking a new nail on! Bad Liv! I've now had the nails on nearly a week and I am really happy with them although they do catch in my hair sometimes I feel that could be on my part maybe where I haven't fully glued them but I do love them! They add something new to my nails as I don't do patterns and they only took about 15 minutes to do! I would highly recommend these nails as compared to other nails that are far cheaper that have fell off within 1-2 days these are doing a great job!

You can get House of Holland from Superdrug, Boots or their own website (http://www.houseofholland.co.uk/)

Have you ever tried House Of Holland nails?


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