01 January 2015

Beauty Christmas Gifts

Hello! Happy New Year! It is now 2015 the year I am going to try harder with my blog! To think I have had my blog for 5 months now is crazy! I can't thank you all enough for your support! Now I know I am a little late with this post but I haven't had internet till today! My last post was posted in my mums house! But I still wanted to show you what I got Beauty wise for Christmas! What I haven't involved in this is my amazing LUSH box I got off my mum right now it is filled with everything I got over Christmas LUSH orientated so I couldn't show you what I got in it as it's been personalized now but I can say LUSH have a 50% off sale at the minute so if you pop into one of their stores you might be able to get yourself a Christmas box!

One of the first things I got where my new Real Techniques Makeup Brushes! I already had this set but as I was in desperate need of more eye brushes this was perfect! Obviously I have used some of these already but I love this set it's the perfect starter set for someone new to makeup! This set comes in a great little pouch to store your brushes if your going away or to just keep them neat and tidy at home! 

It includes:
Base Eye Shadow Brush
Deluxe Crease Brush
Accent Brush

Fine Liner Brush
Brow Brush

Everything you need if your just starting out! I love the Real Techniques brushes and would recommend them to anyone there amazing quality at reasonable prices and yes I have seen the new collection and I am going to combust I am so excited!!

 Now we move onto my brows! Brows are what define your face some people say and I have never been amazing at filling mine in but after some practice I think I am getting better! I have never heard of this brand "Beautiful Brows" this is all the packaging says but I love them! Inside you get a set of tweezers and 2 different brushes! Okay it is quite big packaging and you probably don't need it to be so big but the actual powder is great! You get a dark powder to fill in your brows and a highlighter and the stay is amazing I had this on for over 12 hours and even itching my eye brows this didn't budge!

If any of you are Sleek Makeup fans you will have seen the Sleek makeup box on offer just before Christmas for £30 YES £30!! And you got so much! First is my eye and cheek palette, I am still to use this palette but I love the colours and you get two brush applicators one for your shadow and one for blush!

Next was my Storm palette the colours in this palette are so Christmassy so this was perfect for my Christmas day look! Again this comes with a sponge applicator as do all Sleek palettes!

Here is a palette I am dreading to touch! I have never tried to contour in my life. I feel I will look like I have a mask on after it but I know I need to tackle this! Maybe tomorrow? This is the Precious Metals Palette and it comes in the nicest palette ever it's super shiny and sleek and is shut by magnets. Very Modern! ;) I have no idea how to even apply this palette so I think some googling will be in order!

We come to another Brow Palette. This one pretty identical to the Benefit Brow Zing! You get a mini set of Tweezers in this set with 2 brushes. There is one cream and one powder shade and it is so small you could take it out with you! I would say this is literally a dupe off the Brow Zing but I am yet to try and see the quality of it!

What set would be complete without a mascara? This mascara is actually really good! It doesn't clump and I love the applicator to it! It is a very plane tube but as the brand is called it is very sleek!
You also got a Gloss Me in the shade Hawaii Honey! I am not a huge fan of the applicators on the Gloss me Lip Gloss but I love the colours and the stay is good!

And lastly is a Blush Palette in Pink Lemonade! I love this palette! The blushes are so pigmented and although they look super barbie pink in the palette they don't make you look constantly embarrassed! You get to 2 powder Blush and 1 creme. I apply all 3 with my Real Techniques Blush Brush.

For £30 this box amazed me! It is such a great deal and has everything you need to get started! I am in love!

I have never used Soap & Glory makeup, in fact up until about a month ago I didn't even know they did makeup so was shocked when I got these! The mascara is great it doesn't clump although I did think it would looking at the applicator but it is really thick and luxurious!

I also got the Soap&Glory Liquid Black Eye liner something I have been in desperate need of! I am awful at doing cat eyes I will hold my hands up but I think this little tube is magic! I can manage to do the perfect cat eye with this and I think it is down to the very thin tip! It goes across the lids so easy and is easy to apply that I think it would be hard to mess your eye liner up! It lasts all day and doesn't budge either which was a huge plus for me as every liquid liner I have ever tried seems to smudge!

And last this Christmas is my Body Shop All in One Set! I got these 2 tubes in a set and having only used my Anti Blur I don't have many feeling for these little guys yet but I have heard great things and I love the Body Shop so I have high hopes!

So there you have it my Christmas Beauty Gifts! I was so excited for this Christmas and I loved everything I got! Thankyou to my amazing Mum for all of these amazing gifts I am in love! I can't wait to try everything!

What Beauty Gifts did you get this Christmas?


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