11 November 2014

Pay Day Mini Shop!

Hello! This post a little late as payday was just over a week ago but I wanted to do this post purely to show off my new pad! How sad am I! I never went crazy this payday as it was Halloween and I wanted a drink or two but I got what I needed! Window shopping was killing me there is so much at the minute I want but I was strong and I pulled myself away from the shops and got the essentials......kinda!

The first thing I went to in Superdrug was the Barry M stand as I knew they had a new Limited Edition range out and it looked so festive! But unfortunately they only had Christmas Tree in stock! Clearly the new range is in demand and now I know why! I used this against my other new polish Matt White and I felt like a walking Christmas tree! It is not too in your face but very glittery and cute! And last I picked the Gelly Hi-Shine Prickly Pear and I put this on my nails last night for the first time, it takes about 2 coats to really show the colour but it is a lovely pastel colour and so far hasn't chipped! It does take a little longer to dry than the normal matte polish though!
Next is the holy grale of pads! I can't go to town with money and not visit paper chase and Mell found this beauty! With two jobs and a blog I wanted to write everything down from blog ideas to the days I am in work and when I seen this I fell in love! I love that it is Hand Stitched too, it makes the pad super soft and amazing quality inside and out! It comes with a cute red devider? Is that what it's called? Anyway I love it! It helps me separate work from blog and in my stressed out mind this little red strip helps a lot!
The stitching on the Front (Above) and back (Below) is just beautiful! It is so detailed and colorful. It gives the pad a unique feel to it and for a whopping £10 I would expect all of this! I must say after I walked out the shop all Mell heard off me was "I can't believe I just spend £10 on a pad!" But I have used it so much and it has helped a lot! It is £10 well spent!

 I am super happy with my little purchases and can't wait for next pay day to show you all what I get! I love posts like this purely because I am nosey but love sharing what I have bought with money that is actually mine! Haha!

Link any of your Pay Day hauls down below and I will have a read!

Did you do a spot of Pay Day shopping this month?



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