29 November 2014

November Payday Haul!

Hello! Long time no see! I am sorry I have been off my blog so much the last week I was juggling two jobs and now have quit one and can focus more on my new job and blog! As most people know we got paid Friday and what better way to do spend pay day than to spoil yourself! I ran straight to Superdrug and spent way to much!!

I have been really treating myself to nail polish from having none a month ago I have grown quite the collection and of course I had to grow it even more! Lucky for me (or maybe not so lucky) if you spent over £6 on Barry M products you got the new Jingle Bells polish free! I decided to get a top/bottom coat as I think this really helps keep my nail polish on longer, Raspberry and Bright Red. Seen as it is near Christmas I wanted some darker colors and the obvious bright Red and Jingle Bells for Christmas Day!

I then looked for some new lipsticks! Again looking for darker colours and went for the Maybelline New York Fatal Red (530) I have had a Maybelline lipstick in the past and loved it so hope I will love this one just as much! I also went to the Kate Moss lipsticks as I have heard so many things about these I had to try one! I went for Rouge and I am super excited to try it!

I have noticed recently my skin has been super dry on my face and when I wear foundation I look like an elephant! It is so dry and cracked and I needed to stop this! So I went for the Simple Kind To Skin Light Moisturizer. I love Simple, I think there products are reasonable prices and so nice on your skin. They have no perfumes or chemicals (although it has no smell Mell somehow says it smells nice...) and this has an SPF of 15! I have used this literally for 1 day in the morning and night and noticed a HUGE difference in my skin!

 Now it may just be me but when it comes to nail varnish remover I have always just picked up anything but for some reason this time I actually read the labels and liked the sound of this Superdrug branded nail polish remover! With Aloe Vera and Vitamin E surely this will be good for my  nails! Superdrug are also BUAV approved which means they don't test on animals!

Another animal friendly company Batiste! I just ran out of my recent can and had to buy a new one! This Cherry one smells amazing and I have never been unhappy with Batiste!

Back to Barry M as I forgot to pick my eye shadow palette up I chose this one! Super Chic! I love the packaging I think it's lovely and sleek and the colours are to die for! There are 6 Shimmer shades and a primer.I have yet to try the shadow but the primer is brilliant! You also get a good sized mirror inside and 2 applicators! These are much more vibrant colours than what I would usually use so I am looking forward to experimenting! 

Following my dark colors theme I picked this Maybelline Color Tattoo 24Hour Cream Eyeshadow in Metallic Pomegranate. I love this shade and I can't wait to try it! I may have to google the best way to apply this because if I do it with my finger I think I would look like a panda!!

 And Finally I picked up some Shampoo & Conditioner! I have been wanting to try some new shampoo and conditioner as my hair is broken and not the best it could be so I spent a little more than I normally would and got the Pantene Breakage Defence! I am hoping this makes my hair feel and look amazing!

The next shop I went to in hope for a pair of new shoes was New Look instead of shoes I got a new phone case! I am in love. It makes me want donuts 24/7 but it is so cute on my phone!

Some of you may or may not know but I worked in Cath Kidston for about 2 months, I just quit due to my other job offering more hours but while I was there I fell in love with this dress! My sister in law recently had her baby and for Christmas I have gotten her this amazing Denim dress! It is just adorable and I got it in a bigger size so she could wear it around summer! but Shh don't tell her she doesn't know I have gotten her this! I am hoping she doesn't read my blog! ;') 

The last shop I went to was Poundland, due to being underpaid on Friday I had to resist Lakeland as I want to bake some Christmas cookies and cakes this year and when I seen poundland had cookie cutters and a cupcake set I couldn't leave it there! 

And that is everything I bought this payday! I am gutted as I did want to get some Christmas presents this month but due to circumstances (after I had bought all of this!) I couldn't but December will be the month for me!

If you have any good baking recipes leave them below and tell me your favorite way of applying Cream Eye Shadow!


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